PCC-2 18/30

Pre-Terminated PendantConnect Speaker Cable for SF 26PT
Key Features
  • Two 18 AWG conductors for audio signals
  • Two integrated steel support cables
  • Sequentially numbered jacket
  • Pre-cut and terminated 30' (9 m) lengths
The Extron PCC-2 18/30
Model Version Description Part #
PCC-2 18/30 Pre-cut PendantConnect, SF 26PT, 30’ (9 m) Black 26-730-30
PCC-2 18/30 Pre-cut PendantConnect, SF 26PT, 30’ (9 m) White 26-731-30

PendantConnect™ PCC-2 speaker cable is an Extron exclusive hybrid design incorporating the speaker wires, a steel support cable, and a steel safety cable into a single outer jacket, allowing the integrator to achieve an absolute vertical hang with only a single visible cable. This cable is used exclusively for the SF 26PT SoundField Pendant Speaker.


  SF 26PT SoundField 6.5" Two-Way Pendant Speaker
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Panel Drawing

Panel Drawing
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