P/2 DA1 & P/2 DA1 USB Retired

VGA Line Driver "The Peaker"
Key Features
  • 300 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth
  • Compatible with VGA-QXGA resolutions
  • Buffered output
  • User-selectable gain/peaking adjustment
  • External Extron Everlast™ power supply included
The Extron P/2 DA1 & P/2 DA1 USB
Model Version Description Part #
 P/2 DA1 USA/Domestic 60-319-01 Retired
 P/2 DA1 World power 60-319-02 Retired
 P/2 DA1 USB USB power 60-319-03 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron P/2 DA1, also known as "The Peaker", is an extremely small, one input, one buffered output VGA line driver. The P/2 DA1 drives a high resolution computer-video signal up to 250 feet (75 meters) through high quality cable, such as Extron VGA cable. The P/2 DA1 provides amplification and peaking, allowing the video signal to be run long distances to produce a brighter and sharper image. This is especially useful with laptops, which often output a low power video signal.


The P/2 DA1 also restores the low level sync voltages found on many laptops to normal TTL levels. This sync restoration prepares the signals for long cable runs and offers enhanced compatibility with a wide range of computers, display devices, and cable types. The display's ID bits are passed through to the laptop.

The P/2 DA1 is housed in an adapter-sized enclosure, which allows for direct connection to a laptop.