MTPX Plus 3232 Retired

32x32 MTP Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher for RGBHV, Video, Audio, and RS-232
Key Features
  • Dynamic skew equalization
  • Local RS-232 insertion ports
  • Video level and peaking compensation
  • Local high resolution video inputs and outputs
  • Ethernet monitoring and control
  • Compatible with Extron MTP products
The Extron MTPX Plus 3232
Model Version Description Part #
 MTPX Plus 3232 32x32 60-897-01 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron MTPX Plus 3232 Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher represents the next generation of twisted pair integration. Local video and audio inputs and outputs enable direct connection of equipment that is located within the same rack as the MTPX Plus 3232 matrix, greatly reducing system complexity by eliminating additional MTP transmitters and receivers. The MTPX Plus 3232 also provides dynamic skew equalization on all inputs and outputs. This industry first innovation ensures that MTP cable skew is eliminated —no matter which combination of input/output cable lengths are selected. Yet another innovative feature, local RS-232 insertion ports, allows a control system located near the MTPX Plus to connect to and control remote displays over the same MTP output cable that carries the AV signal.

When paired with Extron MTP U R Series Universal Receivers, MTPX Plus Series Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers allow composite video, S-video, and VGA, along with audio or RS-232 control signals, to be sent over a single CAT 5-type cable and output on the appropriate connector at the display. Using one cable for all signal types simplifies system wiring and uses only a single matrix switcher output and MTP U R Series receiver per display.

Additional features include switchable pre-peaking on sixteen of the MTP outputs to drive signals long distances, audio input gain and attenuation to balance audio levels, output volume control for the local outputs, and IP Link Ethernet connectivity. The powerful feature set in the MTPX Plus 3232 Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher enables integrators to greatly reduce installation time and costs associated with rack space, cabling, and installation, when compared to traditional twisted pair matrix switching.