MTP U R A Retired

Universal MTP Twisted Pair Receiver for VGA, Video, and Audio
Key Features
  • Receives RGBHV, component video, S-video, composite video, and audio over a single CATx cable
  • Automatically routes incoming MTP signal to appropriate connectors
  • Compatible with MTPX and MTPX Plus Series matrix switchers, all MTP Series transmitters, and MTP switchers
  • Compatible with HDTV component video, bi-level or tri-level sync
  • Separate variable level and peaking controls
The Extron MTP U R A
Model Version Description Part #
 MTP U R A VGA, Video & Audio 60-869-03 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron MTP U R A Universal MTP Twisted Pair Receiver accepts a wide variety of video formats along with audio signals on a single CATx cable, providing dramatic cost savings with superior performance in complex twisted pair matrix switching applications. With advanced features, including the ability to automatically route the incoming MTP signal to the appropriate output connector, systems require only one receiver, one cable, and one matrix switcher output for each display.

MTP U R Series universal receivers are fully compatible with Extron MTPX and MTPX Plus Series MTP Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers, all MTP Series transmitters, and MTP switchers. The compact units can fit just about anywhere: in equipment racks, under tables, or next to a projector.

Automatic Signal Format Detection

MTP U R Series universal receivers automatically detect the format of the incoming video signal, as well as any incoming audio or RS-232 control signal. The incoming signals are then routed to the appropriate output connectors. Only one video output connector will be active at any time. The other video connectors are muted. This is ideal for applications that use display devices set to auto detect mode.

Next Generation Twisted Pair Integration

When used together with the Extron MTPX and MTPX Plus Series Mini Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers, MTP U R Series universal receivers facilitate system integration and eliminate many of the headaches normally encountered with other twisted pair solutions.

For example, consider an AV system with multiple sources and multiple displays, requiring the distribution of S-video, HDTV component video, and RGB computer video, along with RS-232 control signals. In a typical twisted pair implementation, each display would require three receivers and three CAT 5-type cables. Each display would also require three dedicated matrix switcher outputs. It's also likely that separate cabling would be required for the control system.

That same system could be implemented, at a significant cost savings, using MTP U R Series receivers and an MTPX or MTPX Plus Series twisted pair matrix switcher. Each display would require only a single MTP U R Series receiver and one CATx cable. With support for bidirectional RS-232, the Extron solution would not require any additional cabling for the control system. Finally, the whole system would require a smaller matrix switcher to distribute the same signals.

The Extron solution described above offers substantial savings on the costs associated with materials and installation compared to the typical UTP implementation. Together with Extron MTPX and MTPX Plus Series matrix switchers, the MTP U R Series Universal Twisted Pair Receivers can be used to create elegant solutions to the challenges faced by integrators, installers, and design engineers.