MR Series

Modular Mud Rings
Key Features
  • Modular system creates standard one- to five-gang size mud rings
  • Used to install MediaLink┬« controllers and architectural interfaces in new or existing construction
  • Preassembled in standard one- to five-gang sizes
  • Installs in 1/4" to 1" (0.6 to 2.5 cm) thick horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Approved for Class 2 low-voltage use
  • High-impact polycarbonate in black or white
The Extron MR Series
Model Version Description Part #
MR 100 One-Gang, Black 70-519-12
MR 100 One-Gang, White 70-519-13
MR 200 Two-Gang, Black 70-519-22
MR 200 Two-Gang, White 70-519-23
MR 300 Three-Gang, Black 70-519-32
MR 300 Three-Gang, White 70-519-33
MR 400 Four-Gang, Black 70-519-42
MR 400 Four-Gang, White 70-519-43
MR 500 Five-Gang, Black 70-519-52
MR 500 Five-Gang, White 70-519-53
MR 600 Six-Gang, Black 70-519-62 Retired
MR 600 Six-Gang, White 70-519-63 Retired
MR 700 Seven-Gang, Black 70-519-72 Retired
MR 700 Seven-Gang, White 70-519-73 Retired

The Extron MR Series Modular Mud Rings uses three innovative components to create standard one- through five-gang size mounting brackets/mud rings. These brackets are used to install MediaLink┬« Controllers and architectural interfaces wherever they are needed. Made of durable, high-impact polycarbonate, these mud rings install without mounting to a stud or electrical gang box for maximum placement flexibility. The MR Series ships with extension kits for in-field expansion to the next largest size. The modular system ensures integrators always have the correct size on hand. The brackets are preassembled in standard one- through five-gang sizes, and are available in black or white.


Note: Part numbers 70-519-62 and 70-519-63 have been retired.

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