MPS 602

Media Presentation Switcher with DTP 330 Extension
Key Features
  • Integrates HDMI, RGB, and audio sources into presentation systems
  • One DTP input, three HDMI inputs, and two RGB inputs
  • Selectable HDMI or DTP output
  • Integrated DTP input and output support transmission of video, control, and analog audio up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable
  • Available with energy efficient Class D stereo or mono amplifier:
    2 x 50 watts @ 4 ohms; 2 x 25 watts @ 8 ohms
    1 x 100 watts @ 70 volts
  • JITC Certified
The Extron MPS 602
Model Version Description Part #
 MPS 602 Variable Preamp Output - No Amplifier, DTP 330 60-1313-51
 MPS 602 SA 2 x 50 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier, DTP 330 60-1314-51
 MPS 602 MA 100 Watt 70 Volt Mono Power Amplifier, DTP 330 60-1315-51

The Extron MPS 602 is a simple-to-use, six input media presentation switcher for digital and analog sources. It offers digital video switching with three HDMI inputs and one DTP® twisted pair input, and analog video switching with two RGB inputs that are digitized for distribution to the digital outputs. For increased flexibility, the MPS 602 includes a DTP twisted pair output and an HDMI output that are switch-selectable. The DTP input and output work in conjunction with DTP transmitters and receivers to extend video, audio, and bidirectional control signals up to 330 feet (100 meters), and each DTP link requires just a single shielded CATx cable. The MPS 602 also includes several audio switching and processing features, available power amplification, plus flexible control options for complete AV switching and distribution.

Integrated Digital Twisted Pair Extension

The DTP twisted pair input on the MPS 602 can receive signals from a remote DTP 230 or DTP 330 transmitter in areas such as a conference table, lectern, or wall for connecting a guest laptop. The DTP twisted pair output can be used to transmit digital AV signals from an MPS 602 in a rack to a DTP 230 or DTP 330 receiver behind a flat-panel display on a wall, above a ceiling‑mounted projector, or any other remote location. DTP 230 and DTP 330 transmitters and receivers are available in compact, low‑profile enclosures, plus decorator-style wallplate and floor box versions to suit the installation requirements of a specific application.

The DTP twisted pair input and output include additional convenient, integrator-friendly features designed to help simplify installation. Bidirectional RS‑232 and IR signals can be inserted from a control system and transmitted over the single shielded CATx cable together with the video and audio, enabling control of a source or display. Additionally, the MPS 602 can send power to select DTP transmitters and receivers over the same shielded CATx cable, streamlining system design and installation.

Reliable Switching for Digital and Analog Formats

The MPS 602 features a unique independent switching capability for digital and analog RGB video sources. The MPS 602 digitizes analog RGB input signals to ensure that a reliable, high quality digital video signal is sent to the HDMI and DTP outputs. The RGB inputs can be switched independently to the local RGB output.

To enhance and simplify integration of sources and displays, and to help ensure optimal system performance and dependability, the MPS 602 features EDID Minder®. EDID Minder is an Extron-exclusive technology that manages EDID communication between the display device and input sources to ensure that the correct video formats are displayed reliably.

Audio Integration Capabilities with Available Power Amplification

The MPS 602 includes six‑input analog audio switching, a mic/line input with 48 volt phantom power, HDMI audio embedding and de‑embedding, and several audio processing features for mixing and ducking. The mic ducking feature automatically reduces program audio when it detects a microphone signal, replacing the need for a separate audio ducking processor. To streamline audio setup, the MPS 602 features front panel mic and program audio output volume controls which allow for independent adjustment of mic volume, program audio volume, and muting. Audio configuration features and options can be easily accessed using the Product Configuration Software, with an intuitive GUI that provides access to all available adjustments and settings.

The MPS 602 is available in three models, two of which feature integrated power amplifiers. The MPS 602 is a non‑amplified model with a variable preamp output. The MPS 602 SA delivers stereo power amplification with 50 watts rms per channel into 4 ohms and 25 watts rms per channel into 8 ohms, while the MPS 602 MA provides mono 70 volt amplification with 100 watts rms output. Both of the amplified models feature an Extron exclusive Class D amplifier design with patented CDRS™ - Class D Ripple Suppression technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform as well as an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifier designs.

Multiple Options for Control and Operation

The MPS 602 features front panel controls for direct input switching, as well as mic and program audio volume adjustment. It also features automatic switching between inputs to streamline system operation when the unit is installed in locations such as a lectern or under a conference table. Remote configuration and control are available via USB and RS‑232. Housed in a 1U, full rack width metal enclosure, the MPS 602 can be easily integrated into many environments.