PoleVault Systems Retired

Complete AV Switching and Control Systems for Ceiling Mounted Projectors
Key Features
  • Complete, centralized AV switching and control systems with stereo audio amplification
  • Securely mounts and conceals switching and audio amplification components above the projector
  • Extron exclusive patented Flat Field speakers deliver consistent sound levels across the listening area
  • Powerful 50 watt rms audio amplifier
  • Energy-efficient design offers Extron exclusive Auto Power Save and Standby modes designed to lower energy usage and reduce operating costs
  • VoiceLift Microphone option allows the teacher’s voice to be evenly distributed throughout the room
The Extron PoleVault Systems
Model Version Description Part #
 PVS 200 Two Input System 42-108-03 Retired
 PVS 300 Three Input System 42-109-03 Retired
 PVS 400 Four Input System 42-110-03 Retired

This product has been retired.

Extron PoleVault® Systems are complete, easy-to-use AV switching and control systems designed for classrooms with a ceiling mounted projector. PoleVault Systems use economical twisted pair cable for transmitting signals and include network connectivity for Web-based AV resource management, monitoring, and control. Extron PoleVault Systems take their name from the unique PMK 550 Pole Mount Kit that securely mounts and conceals system components above the projector.

Power Saving Features

At the heart of each PoleVault System is the PVS 305SA IP Five Input IP-Enabled PoleVault Switcher with Integrated 50 Watt Audio Amplifier that offers two Extron-exclusive power saving modes designed to lower energy usage and reduce operating costs.

  • Auto Power Save Mode: This mode automatically shuts off the audio amplifier inside the PVS 305SA IP after 30 minutes if no audio is present. This provides a close to 50% reduction in energy usage compared to normal, idle operation.
  • Standby Mode: This mode shuts off both the audio amplifier and the AV inputs of the PVS 305SA IP which power the input wallplates. Standby Mode is activated by the MLC 104 IP Plus or MLC 226 IP MediaLink® Controller included in a complete PoleVault System. Standby Mode can be scheduled at specific times when the system is not in use or can be set to activate by monitoring when the projector is shut down. Standby Mode reduces power consumption of the PVS 305SA IP over 60%.

Standard PoleVault Systems

PoleVault Systems have been designed in three standard systems to streamline the design and procurement process. These two-, three-, and four-input systems include all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification, system control, source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution. All that remains is to add the video projector, projection screen, and video sources.

The three standard PoleVault System packages are each ordered using a single part number.

  • PVS 200 Two Input PoleVault System: Accommodates one VGA computer-video and one composite video source
  • PVS 300 Three Input PoleVault System: Accommodates two VGA computer-video and one composite video source
  • PVS 400 Four Input PoleVault System: Accommodates two VGA computer-video and two composite video sources

Each system package includes the following core components:

  • One PVS 305SA IP Five Input IP-Enabled PoleVault Switcher with Integrated 50 Watt Audio Amplifier- not available separately
  • One MLC IR/RS-232 Projector Communication Cable - Plenum, 50' (15 m)
  • One MLC 104 IP Plus MediaLink Controller with IP Link - White
  • One MLC PW/RS-232/VC Power, Switcher Communications Cable - Plenum, 50' (15 m)
  • One PCM 340 Projector Drop Ceiling Mount with Adjustable Pole
  • One AV RCA Male to Male RCA Cable - 3' (1 m)
  • One PMK 550 PoleVault Pole Mount Kit
  • One MVGA M-M 3 Male to Male Micro VGA Cable - 3' (1 m)
  • One UPB 25 Universal Projector Bracket - White
  • One pair of FF 120 Flat Field® Speakers for Drop-In Tile Ceilings
  • One or two lengths of CAT 5 twisted pair cable per wallplate - Plenum, 15 m each
  • One length of SPK 18 Precut Speaker Cable - Plenum, 35' (10.6 m)
PVS 200:
Includes one PVT RGB D wallplate and one PVT CV D wallplate.
PVS 300:
Includes two PVT RGB D wallplate and one PVT CV D wallplate.
PVS 400:
Includes two PVT RGB D wallplates and two PVT CV D wallplates.

System Customization

PoleVault Systems must always include the PoleVault Switcher - which is available only in a PoleVault System - a PMK 550 PoleVault Pole Mount Kit, Extron Exclusive Patented Flat Field Speakers, and two to four AV inputs. PoleVault Systems can be customized to meet classroom requirements. System pricing is based on the components and quantities selected.

VoiceLift Microphone

The VoiceLift® Microphone enables the creation of a classroom sound field system that allows the teacher's voice to be heard clearly throughout the classroom. Studies show that use of a sound field system results in increased student achievement and a reduction in teacher vocal strain and voice fatigue.

PoleVault System Configurator

To customize and price a system, access the online Extron PoleVault System Configurator at www.extron.com/pvc or contact an Extron Customer Support Representative.