MLM 62 D

Six and Eight Button Bezel Kits for MLC 62 D
Key Features
  • For use in customizing the appearance and capability of MLC 62 D MediaLink Controllers
  • Includes an assortment of power, volume, source input, and function buttons
  • Includes black and white bezels
  • MLC 62 IR D and MLC 62 RS D controllers sold separately
The Extron MLM 62 D
Model Version Description Part #
MLM 62 D 6B Six button bezel kit for MLC 62 D 70-688-02
MLM 62 D 8B Eight button bezel kit for MLC 62 D 70-688-12

The MLM 62 D button and bezel kits allow you to customize the appearance and capability of the MLC 62 RS D and MLC 62 IR D MediaLink controllers. A unique feature of these controllers is that their source buttons offer a choice between a single or dual function operation. For example, if an installation using the MLC 62 IR D has more source selections than the standard two, an MLM 62 D 8B would allow four source selections. If another installation using the MLC 62 RS D requires fewer than the four standard source selections, the MLM 62 D 6B would allow for two source selections.

Each MLM 62 D kit comes complete with black and white bezels as well as an assortment of corresponding buttons.


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