MediaLink Controller with RS-232 Control - Decorator-Style Wallplate
Key Features
  • Eight customizable backlit buttons
  • Unidirectional RS-232 and configurable IR ports for universal display control
  • Two relays
  • Digital input
  • Easy-to-use configuration software provides fast and simple set-up
  • Mini USB port located behind decorator-style wallplate for easy configuration access without removing installed controller
The Extron MLC 62 RS D
Model Version Description Part #
 MLC 62 RS D IR and RS-232 Control - Decorator-Style wallplate 60-1005-02

The MLC 62 RS D is an easy-to-use keypad controller for use in classrooms and meeting facilities. It mounts to a decorator-style wallplate and offers eight backlit soft touch buttons for a contemporary look and feel. The MLC 62 RS D provides control capabilities for common AV functions including power, input switching, and volume control. The MLC 62 RS D provides RS-232 serial and IR ports for universal display control. In addition, a digital input and two relays are included for monitoring and controlling other systems in the room.

Consistent Control in Every Room

The MLC 62 RS D serves as a replacement for a display's handheld IR remote, providing user-friendly control for a display or projector's power, volume, and input selection. With the MLC 62 RS D, there are no misplaced remotes to search for, no confusing menus to navigate, and no dead batteries. No matter what brand of display is installed in each presentation venue, the MLC RS 62 D MediaLink Controller always provides a consistent control method from room to room. Presenters with little or no training can walk into any MediaLink equipped classroom and operate the AV system with minimal effort.

Two relays and a digital input provide provide advanced control of the AV system. The relays enable the control of lighting, screen settings, and other device functions, while a digital input provides monitoring control for a variety of devices such as sensors and switches.

Customizable Backlit Buttons

The controller incorporates eight soft touch, tactile buttons, including power on, power off, volume up, volume down, and source selections. Using the intuitive setup software provided, these buttons can be configured to send out any IR or RS-232 command supported by the display, making it easy to customize the controller to meet the needs of most single-display AV systems. Macro mode provides additional flexibility by allowing all of the stored commands associated with one button to be executed with a single button press. Toggle mode provides additional flexibility by allowing two different sets of commands to be executed with alternating presses of a button. 

The source buttons offer a choice between a single or dual function setup by simply swapping out the bezel and buttons with an optional bezel kit. The MLC 62 RS D ships as an eight-button controller. With the optional MLM 62 D 6B, it can be converted to a six button controller for applications that require only two inputs or functions.

MLC 62 RS D buttons are available in pre-packaged kits, or may be ordered individually. Ordering individual buttons is easy. The Extron Custom Button Builder is our online tool that enables convenient and simple customization of soft-touch, backlit buttons for a variety of Extron control products.

Easy to Configure

No programming knowledge is necessary to configure MLC 62 RS D MediaLink Controllers. When used with the supplied Windows®-based configuration software, installation files can be saved and used to duplicate additional MLC 62 models. The files can also be archived for later use. In addition, the MLC 62 RS D contains a mini USB port located behind the decorator-style wallplate. The wallplate can be easily removed to allow for easy configuration access without having to remove the installed controller.

  • Easy-to-use MLC 62 Series Configuration Program - Provides fast and simple setup via RS-232 or USB when combined with one of many ready-to-use IR or RS-232 device drivers available on the Extron Web site. The configuration program and MLC 62 RS D also support IR Learning for creating new IR drivers from the handheld remote of a source or display device.