MLC 62 Button Kits

Button Options for MLC 62 Series MediaLink Controllers
Key Features
  • For use in customizing the appearance of an MLC 62 Series MediaLink Controller
  • Wide variety of power, volume, source input, function, and international buttons available
  • MLC 62 buttons are available in pre-packaged kits, or may be ordered individually using a downloadable form
  • MLC 62 Series controller sold separately
The Extron MLC 62 Button Kits
Model Version Description Part #
MLC 62 Button Kit English 70-728-01
MLC 62RS Button Kit Japanese 101-015-01 Retired
MLC 62IR Button Kit Japanese 101-015-11 Retired
MLC 62 Button Kit French/German 70-728-11 Retired

MLC 62 Button Kits can be used to customize the appearance of MLC 62 Series MediaLink┬« controllers. Buttons are available in these pre-packaged kits, or may be ordered individually. Ordering individual buttons is easy. The downloadable order form shows all the buttons available for the MLC 62. Complete then fax the order form to Extron. We will contact you with a quote and unique part number for your order.


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