MLC 55 RS VC Retired

MediaLink Controller with RS-232, IR, and Volume Control
Key Features
  • Unidirectional RS-232 and IR port for universal display control
  • Discrete ON and OFF display power controls
  • Remote volume control port for Extron MPA Series and select XTRA™ Series amplifiers
  • Newly-designed, larger volume knob with precise, smooth control
  • Configurable buttons
  • Dual color, backlit buttons can be labeled for easy identification
The Extron MLC 55 RS VC
Model Version Description Part #
 MLC 55 RS VC RS-232, IR, and Volume Control 60-1391-03 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron MLC 55 RS VC MediaLink® Controller is an economical, easy-to-use keypad controller for common AV functions such as power, input selection, and volume in single display applications. It features a sleek, new look with beveled edges, rounded corners, and redesigned backlit buttons. The faceplate hides the mounting screws and configuration port giving the controller a refined, uncluttered appearance. A newly-designed, larger volume knob provides smooth, precise volume control for Extron MPA Series and select XTRA™ Series amplifiers. The MLC 55 RS VC can be mounted in a standard, two-gang junction box, included mud ring, SMB 112, or EWB 102, allowing the controller to be installed virtually anywhere, including walls, lecterns, or tables.

Simple, Consistent Control in Every Room

The MLC 55 RS VC acts as an extended remote control panel, providing user-friendly control for a display's power, volume, and input selection. Because the controller offers a central point of control for a display devices key functions, it eliminates the need for the display's IR remote control, making operations much more efficient. With the MLC 55 RS VC, there are no misplaced remotes to search for, no confusing menus to navigate, and no dead batteries. No matter what brand of display is installed in each presentation venue, the MLC 55 RS VC MediaLink Controller provides a consistent control method from room to room. Presenters with little or no training can walk into any room equipped with a MediaLink controller and operate the AV system with minimal effort.

Configurable Buttons for Flexible Control Options

No programming knowledge is necessary to install the MLC 55 RS VC MediaLink Controller. Using MLC 55,62,64 Series software, the buttons can be configured to send out any RS-232 or IR command supported by the display, making it easy to customize the controller to meet the needs of most single-display AV systems. For example, three of the four buttons could be configured for input selection, with the fourth button dedicated to video mute or auto image. Each button can store up to four separate commands, providing additional flexibility to meet the specific control requirements for most display devices. When a button is configured for Macro mode, all of the stored commands associated with that button are sent with a single button press. In Toggle mode, the button steps through a series of two, three, or four commands, issuing a single command with each press of the button.

Easy to Configure

No programming knowledge is necessary to configure MLC 55 RS VC MediaLink Controllers. When used with the supplied Windows®-based configuration software, installation files can be saved and used to duplicate additional MLC 55 models. The files can also be archived for later use.

  • Extron's easy-to-use MLC 55,62,64 Series software - Provides fast and simple setup via USB when combined with one of many ready-to-use RS-232 or IR device drivers available on the Extron Web site. The configuration program and MLC 55 RS VC also support IR Learning for creating new IR drivers from the handheld remote of a source or display device.

Mounting Options

The MLC 55 RS VC can be mounted in a standard, two-gang electrical box or the included mud ring, allowing the controller to be installed virtually anywhere, including walls, lecterns, or tables. Additional mounting options include:

  • SMB 112 – Surface Mount Box
  • EWB 102 – External Wall Box