MLC 206 Retired

MediaLink Controller
Key Features
  • RS-232 port for universal display control
  • Three configurable relays for control of room functions
  • IR learning for customized control of external sources when used with optional IRCMs Infrared Control Modules
  • Inactivity timer for display shut-off
The Extron MLC 206
Model Version Description Part #
 MLC 206 Black Faceplate 60-385-02 Retired
 MLC 206 White Faceplate 60-385-03 Retired
 MLC 206 RAL9010 White Faceplate 60-385-05 Retired
 MLC 206 EC For European Cable Channel, RAL9010 60-385-10 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron MLC 206 MediaLink Controller is an easy-to-use and economical tool for controlling AV equipment in any classroom or conference room. Presenters with little or no training can walk into any multimedia classroom and operate the AV system. The MLC 206 standardizes the control interface for all systems, making display systems simple to use. No matter what type of display is used, the control interface remains the same. Standardization also makes setup and maintenance easier to support.

The flexible MLC 206 acts as an extended remote control panel. It is not a switcher; instead, it tells the display when to switch between its various inputs. The MLC 206 offers universal display control; it controls a display's power on/off, input switching, and volume control. The MLC 206 offers intuitive equipment and room control with user-defined, clearly labeled buttons and one-button functionality. The room control features of the MLC 206 can be configured to control functions such as screen settings or room lights.

Especially vital for high traffic areas, the MLC 206 is housed in a secure enclosure with labels that are not easily altered. It has the same look and functionality no matter where it is mounted: in a lectern, desk, wall, rack, or wall box.

Display control is simple and requires only a one-time setup using the supplied control software. The MLC 206 uses RS-232 or IR control drivers, available for download on the Extron Web site. A custom configuration mode is available to allow for user-defined IR or RS-232 commands. User-friendly IR learning capabilities make the MLC 206 compatible with almost every type of IR-controllable device.

Almost any Extron switcher will work with the MLC 206, including the complete line of MediaLink Switchers, as well as the MPS 112 and MPS 112CS Media Presentation Switchers.