MKP 3000 Retired

X-Y Remote Control Panel with LCD Display
Key Features
  • Compatible with most Extron RS-232 and Ethernet-enabled matrix switchers
  • LCD display user interface
  • I/O and preset naming
  • Virtual I/O grouping
  • RS-232 pass-through port
  • Integrated Web server
The Extron MKP 3000
Model Version Description Part #
 MKP 3000 Black 60-708-02 Retired
 MKP 3000 White 60-708-03 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron MKP 3000 is a mountable remote control panel designed to work with most Extron matrix switchers via Ethernet or RS-232 serial control. The MKP 3000 offers simple, selection-knob access to inputs, outputs, presets, and audio volume settings, without the need for a computer or control system. When configured as an Ethernet-based control panel, multiple MKP 3000s can be placed wherever switcher control is needed.

User Interface

The MKP 3000's user interface features:

  • LCD display – The two-line LCD display makes it easy to select and view the status of inputs, outputs, and presets.
  • Selection scroll knob – Allows simple selection of inputs, outputs, and presets, as well as volume control.
  • I/O plane selection button – Changes color to indicate audio only, video only, or audio and video.
  • Tri-color, backlit buttons – Illuminate green, red, or amber, depending on function. The buttons can be custom-labeled for easy identification.

Control Options

The MKP 3000 is designed to work with most Extron matrix switchers using Extron's SIS™ - Simple Instruction Set command structure, and is equipped with Ethernet and RS-232 serial control ports.

The MKP 3000 features two RS-232 ports: one for primary communication with the matrix switcher, and one pass-through port for use of a control system. In addition, several MKP 3000s can be daisy-chained together via RS-232. The MKP 3000 can also be combined with the Extron MKP 2000 to suit technical and/or control needs.

In a network environment, the Ethernet port allows an MKP 3000 to be placed on a standard TCP/IP network. An unlimited number of MKP 3000s can be connected to a matrix switcher as part of a simple IP network.

A key feature of the MKP 3000 is virtual I/O grouping, which allows specific inputs and outputs to be assigned or blocked for each controller utilized in a system design. For example, each room in a multi-room application can have its own set of inputs and outputs programmed into a local MKP 3000. Any number of control panels can be integrated into the system, and each can be restricted to a certain set of I/Os with relatively little effort.

Integrated Web Server

The MKP 3000's integrated, high performance Web server provides internal Web pages that offer an intuitive graphical interface for easy set-up and configuration. The System Settings page consolidates controls for IP address setup, RS-232 control port setting, and switcher I/O configuration, including I/O authorization for the virtual I/O grouping function. Inputs and outputs can be named for ease of operation in any switching application.