MHR Strain Reliefs

Strain Reliefs for MHR Crimp Connectors
Key Features
  • High quality solid-rib construction with slip-on style boot
  • Reduces cable damage at connector-sleeve stress point due to flexing and fatigue
  • Manages cable bend radius effectively reducing strain
  • Color-coded for easy identification and professional appearance
  • Available in quantities of 50
The Extron MHR Strain Reliefs
Model Version Description Part #
 MHR Strain Reliefs Red/50 Red, Qty. 50 70-089-01
 MHR Strain Reliefs Green/50 Green, Qty. 50 70-089-02
 MHR Strain Reliefs Blue/50 Blue, Qty. 50 70-089-03
 MHR Strain Reliefs Yellow/50 Yellow, Qty. 50 70-089-04
 MHR Strain Reliefs Black/50 Black, Qty. 50 70-089-05
 MHR Strain Reliefs White/50 White, Qty. 50 70-089-06
 MHR Strain Reliefs Assorted/50 Assorted Colors, Qty. 50 70-089-07
 MHR Strain Reliefs Red/1250 Red, Qty. 1250 42-053-02 Retired
 MHR Strain Reliefs Green/1250 Green, Qty. 1250 42-053-12 Retired
 MHR Strain Reliefs Blue/1250 Blue, Qty. 1250 42-053-22 Retired
 MHR Strain Reliefs Black/1250 Black, Qty. 1250 42-053-32 Retired
 MHR Strain Reliefs Yellow/1250 Yellow, Qty. 1250 42-053-42 Retired
 MHR Strain Reliefs White/1250 White, Qty. 1250 42-053-52 Retired
 MHR Strain Reliefs Assorted/1250 Assorted Colors, Qty. 1250 42-053-62 Retired

Extron carries professional BNC strain reliefs for Extron's MHR Cables. The rough handling that cables are subjected to in a typical AV environment can cause significant damage, resulting in poor or inconsistent video performance. The point at which the cable terminates to the connector is most vulnerable. With BNC strain reliefs lessening the pressure, cables are less likely to be damaged. BNC strain reliefs also have a sleek design, adding a finished look to the cables. They are available by individual color and assorted colors in quantities of 50.

Assorted package of strain reliefs includes red, green, blue, black, and yellow strain reliefs only. White strain reliefs are not included.