BNC Female MHR - Mini High Resolution Cable Crimp Connectors Retired

75 Ohm BNC Crimp Connectors
Key Features
  • Extron designed and manufactured
  • 75 ohm impedance prevents ghosting and enhances performance
  • Gold plated center pins provide exceptional conductivity
  • Fully enclosed outer metal conductor and center pin cavity geometry maintains constant impedance
  • Double-knurled ferrule or crimp sleeve surface provides greater crimping surface area for increased pull strength
  • Outer contact nickel plating for a bright, long lasting, non-tarnishing finish
The Extron BNC Female MHR - Mini High Resolution Cable Crimp Connectors
Model Version Description Part #
 BNC Female MHR Crimp Connectors/50 Qty. 50 100-253-01 Retired
 BNC Female MHR Crimp Connectors/500 Qty. 500 100-253-02 Retired
 BNC Female MHR Crimp Connectors/100 Qty. 100 100-336-01 Retired

This product has been retired.

Extron designed and manufactured high quality machined BNC Female MHR Crimp Connectors are precision engineered with multiple design features that maintain 75 ohm impedance, provide exceptional conductivity, ensure mating cycle repeatability, and maximize video signal performance.

Each BNC is individually bagged with a Body, Pin, Ferrule, and Sleeve.