MDA 5A RCA Retired

Five Output Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier
Key Features
  • Accepts and distributes unbalanced stereo audio on RCA jacks
  • Unity audio gain
  • Rack, under-desk, and projector-mountable, four per rack
The Extron MDA 5A RCA
Model Version Description Part #
 MDA 5A RCA 1x5 Stereo Audio on RCAs 60-441-01 Retired

This product has been retired.
Suggested Replacement

The Extron MDA 5A RCA is a compact, one input, five output stereo audio distribution amplifier. It accepts unbalanced stereo audio on one pair of RCA connectors and outputs the amplified signal on five pairs of RCA connectors.

The MDA 5A RCA is rack or under-desk mountable and comes with an external power supply. Its small size makes it the ideal solution for easy integration into both new and existing AV systems including boardrooms, training facilities, home theater, command and control centers, and rental and staging environments.