Four Output Composite Video Distribution Amplifier with Gain and EQ
Key Features
  • 150 MHz (-3 dB) video bandwidth, fully loaded
  • Variable gain and EQ adjustments
  • Independent gain and EQ control per output
The Extron MDA 4V EQ
Model Version Description Part #
 MDA 4V EQ 1x4 Composite Video with Gain & EQ 60-697-01

The Extron MDA 4V EQ is a compact, one input, four output composite video distribution amplifier. It provides 150 MHz (-3dB) video bandwidth with gain adjustments to allow for compensation of signal level loss that occurs over long cable runs, while EQ adjustments compensates for high frequency loss. The MDA 4V EQ is compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video signals, and allows for cable runs of 600 feet (180 meters) to 1,000 feet (300 meters) or more, depending on the quality of the coax cable. It also features passive loop-through capabilities, which provides the ability to add more amplifiers and create a larger DA system or drive a local monitor.

The MDA 4V EQ is rack or under-desk mountable and comes with an external power supply. Its small size makes it ideal for easy integration into both new and existing AV systems including boardrooms, training facilities, home theater, command and control centers, and rental and staging environments.