MCP 1000 Retired

MCP - Matrix Control Panel
Key Features
  • For use with any Extron RS-232 controllable switcher or matrix switcher
  • Provides remote control via an RS-232 or Comm-Link communications port
  • Works in conjunction with the MKP 1000 Remote Keypad
  • Large, illuminated push buttons can be labeled with icons or text
The Extron MCP 1000
Model Version Description Part #
 MCP 1000M Matrix Control Panel 60-298-01 Retired
 MCP 1000S Secondary 60-298-02 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron MCP 1000 is a 1U, rack-mountable remote control panel compatible with any Extron RS-232 controllable switcher or matrix switcher. It features three modes of operation: one-button switching for a particular output; global presets; and room presets, which applies to Matrix 3200, 6400, 12800 matrix switchers only.

The MCP 1000M works in conjunction with the MKP 1000 remote keypad and supports up to 64 MKPs communicating within a system. The MCP 1000M also includes an RS-232 loop-through port for third-party control.

The MCP 1000 features large, positive-touch, illuminated push buttons, which can be labeled with text or graphics. For discreet yet easy access in space-restricted installations, the MCP 1000 provides mounting brackets suitable for three options: a standard 19-inch rack, mounting under a desk, or mounting through a desk. An internal universal power supply is included.