MAV Plus 168 A Retired

16x8 Matrix Switcher for Stereo Audio
Key Features
  • Switches both balanced and unbalanced stereo audio
  • Audio input gain and attenuation
  • Audio output volume adjustment and muting
  • Tri-color, backlit buttons accept custom window labels
  • Ethernet monitoring and control
The Extron MAV Plus  168 A
Model Version Description Part #
 MAV Plus 168 A 16x8 Stereo Audio 60-329-13 Retired

This product has been retired.
Suggested Replacement
MAV Plus 1616 A

The Extron MAV Plus 168 A matrix swticher is designed to route balanced or unbalanced stereo audio signals. This matrix switcher features backlit I/O selection buttons, audio input gain and attenuation, audio output volume adjustment, and Ethernet control technology.

Ethernet Control

The MAV Plus Series is equipped with an integrated, high performance Web server that provides technical support personnel with the ability to receive service and failure messages through an e-mail-enabled cell phone, PDA, pager, or e-mail account. Utilizing Ethernet control, the help desk can also view embedded Web pages to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the switcher for the following:

AV Resource Management

  • Remotely select input and output ties for audio only, video only, or audio and video
  • Name and select global I/O presets
  • Set audio input and output volume levels
  • Upload firmware updates via the Internet

Operating Status and Diagnostics

  • Monitor power supply voltages
  • Monitor internal product operating temperature
  • Recall firmware revision and other data for improved Help Desk support
  • Obtain immediate notification via e-mail for power supply failure, overheating, and other critical service information