Matrix 6400 Series Retired

Fully Configurable Matrix Switchers from 16x8 to 64x64
Key Features
  • 430 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded - wideband models
  • Field upgradeable and modular design
  • 100 rooming memory presets
  • Extron virtualization/control software
  • Trouble status indication
The Extron Matrix 6400 Series
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This product has been retired.
Suggested Replacement
FOX Matrix 7200
XTP II CrossPoint 6400

The Extron Matrix 6400 Series Matrix Switchers are solutions for large scale routing applications that require up to 64 inputs and 64 outputs. With user-friendly control via the front panel, MKP 1000 remote keypad, or MCP 1000 Master Control Panel, the Matrix 6400 matrix switchers provide totally customizable and modular switching of composite video, S-video, component video, RGsB, RGBS, RGBHV, and one or two channel audio. With an RGB bandwidth of 430 MHz (-3dB) fully loaded, the Matrix 6400 Wideband Series can maintain the integrity of any routed signal.

The Matrix 6400 matrix switchers include configurations of wideband, low resolution video, sync, and stereo or mono audio models. Each model allows for 16x8 switching with the flexibility to upgrade to full 64x64 routing applications. With 128 BNC connectors on the rear panel and modular internal card slots ready to be filled as needed, the Matrix 6400 matrix switchers can grow to accommodate any system — even systems that are still expanding.

Rooming Presets and Virtualization

Using a feature called "rooming," each Matrix 6400 matrix switcher can be programmed to group multiple outputs to specific rooms, allowing them to have their own presets. Each room can consist of up to 16 signals and each matrix can support up to 10 rooms. A total of 100 room presets are available, providing added flexibility and convenience, particularly in systems where switching is required between several locations. Once a room has been configured and stored, it is switched independently of other rooms so that signals sent to one room will never walk in on another room.

Rooming is made possible by user-defined virtual maps, which ascribe "locality" to the physical inputs and outputs of the Matrix 6400 matrix switchers. Virtual mapping makes it possible to configure the switchers in unique ways, dictated by each virtual input/output, i.e., the assignment of each individual connector, and each group of connectors, called a virtual plane. The Extron virtualization/control software makes these configurations possible. The software easily translates the appropriate virtual map into the switcher's memory with minimal effort on the part of the installer.

Rooming presets go beyond normal matrix switching capabilities, which are offered with the Matrix 6400 matrix switchers as global presets. These global presets can be set to define configurations of specific inputs to any specific combination of outputs or to all outputs. Rooming presets and global presets can be programmed and recalled at the front panel or by remote.

FPC 1000, MKP 1000, and MCP 1000

With the Matrix 6400 Series control options, controlling any system is easy. RS-232 and RS-422 control and programming is easy and quick with Extron's SIS™ Simple Instruction Set.