Matrix 12800 Series Retired

Fully Configurable Matrix Switchers from 32x16 to 128x128
Key Features
  • Field-upgradeable and hot-swappable, modular design
  • Advanced computer-aided diagnostics
  • Easy maintenance and serviceability for low mean-time to repair
  • Dual, fully redundant, and hot-swappable power supplies and cooling fans
  • DSVP™ - Digital Sync Validation Processing
  • Excellent channel-to-channel isolation
The Extron Matrix 12800 Series
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This product has been retired.
Suggested Replacement
XTP II CrossPoint 6400

The Extron Matrix 12800 Series Matrix Switchers are the solution for very large-scale analog routing applications that require up to 128 inputs and 128 outputs. A matrix switcher is the most important asset in a centralized AV switching environment. The cost-effective Matrix 12800 provides the performance, reliability, expandability, redundancy, and serviceability crucial to any mission-critical environment.

With convenient control via the FPC 5000 front panel controller, MKP 1200 remote keypad, MCP 1000 Master Control Panel, or RS-232 and RS-422 control, the Matrix 12800 will fit within any system design. The Matrix 12800 wideband provides modular switching of RGBHV, RGBS, RsGsBs, RGsB, component video, S-video, composite video, and/or two channel stereo audio. With video bandwidth of 150 MHz or 375 MHz (-3 dB) when fully loaded, the Matrix 12800 maintains the integrity of any routed signal.

The Matrix 12800 Series includes video, wideband, sync, and audio models. A minimum 32x16 configuration is provided for lowband, wideband, and sync frames, and a minimum 16x16 configuration is provided for audio. Each model includes the flexibility to upgrade to 128x128. Internal cards are hot swappable, so there is no need to power down the matrix switcher during field upgrades or expansion. A full complement of BNC connectors on the rear panel and modular internal card slots are ready to be filled as needed, ensuring that the Matrix 12800 matrix switchers can grow to accommodate any system — even systems that are still expanding. From the start, Extron offers service and support for the planning, installation, maintenance, as well as expansion of any Matrix 12800 system.


The Matrix 12800 is an excellent choice for off-site or unmanned AV systems, especially sensitive, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week environments. The self-monitoring features, redundant power, and cooling systems make the Matrix 12800 a uniquely reliable matrix switcher ideal for mission-critical applications, such as telco, government, or military installations. Advanced computer aided diagnostics provides 24-hour self-diagnostics of I/O boards, power supplies, controllers, cooling fans, and general functions of the switcher. Extron's exclusive DSVP™ - Digital Sync Validation Processing verifies active sources by scanning all inputs for active sync signals. DSVP then transmits the horizontal and vertical scan rate information to the user via any type of control system using RS-232 and RS-422 commands. A user may monitor the status of the Matrix 12800's sources, functions, and internal components remotely using RS-232 and RS-422 or Ethernet communications.

Hot Swappable and Redundant Options

For mission-critical applications, the Matrix 12800 offers the convenience of hot swappable I/O boards, power supplies, controllers, and cooling fans. Hot swappable components allow the user to replace any part at any time without having to power down the matrix. This is especially useful for crucial applications that require continuous operation of the Matrix 12800. The user may expand the switcher or swap out components without disrupting the switcher's functions.

The primary and backup power supplies handle both positive and negative DC voltages and are internally mounted within the switcher. The primary power supply system is configured to support automatic fail-over to a hot spare power supply. This means zero downtime for the system and no loss of functionality should a power supply fail. This feature is necessary when power reliability is crucial. Both primary and redundant controllers monitor the matrix system. If the primary controller should fail, the redundant controller assumes management of the matrix system, providing added dependability. Also, installation and service are easy because there is no need for tools to remove each power supply and each is accessible through the front of the matrix switcher.

Four cooling fans are provided for ventilation and heat management. Sensors notify the user of any failures — through visual cues, audio cues, or RS-232 and RS-422 communications. Fans and filters are easily accessible through the front panel for maintenance and replacement.

Rooming Presets and Virtualization

Using a feature called "rooming," each Matrix 12800 can be programmed to assign multiple outputs to specific "rooms," allowing them to have their own grouped presets. Room presets offer unrivaled flexibility and convenience, particularly in systems that require switching between several locations. Once a room has been configured and stored, it is switched independently of other rooms so that signals sent to one room will never "walk" in on another room.

Rooming is made possible by user-defined virtual maps, which ascribe "locality" to the physical inputs and outputs of the Matrix 12800. Virtual mapping makes it possible to configure the switchers in unique ways, dictated by each virtual input/output i.e., the assignment of each individual connector, and each group of connectors, called a virtual plane. Extron virtualization/control software makes these configurations possible. The software easily translates the appropriate virtual map into the switcher's memory with minimal effort on the part of the installer.

Matrix 12800 matrix switchers offer global presets that can be set to define configurations of specific inputs to any specific combination of outputs or to all outputs. Rooming presets and global presets can be programmed and recalled at the front panel or by remote control.

These features are rounded out by advanced computer aided diagnostics, redundant power supplies, redundant cooling fans, DSVP, Triple-Action Switching™, and a rack-mountable enclosure. The convenient features and the hot swappable, modular design make the Matrix 12800 the best choice for very large-scale routing applications.

FPC 5000

The FPC 5000 Front Panel Controller is an intuitive, 12.1-inch touchscreen, control interface designed exclusively for the Matrix 12800. The easy-to-use FPC 5000 can control, monitor, access, and manage all of the Matrix 12800 matrix switcher set-up and control functions via an intuitive, menu-driven interface. Any user, regardless of their technical proficiency, can easily navigate through its simple and straightforward menus to change, monitor, or control the features of the Matrix 12800. With Ethernet capabilities, it can access the matrix from anywhere on a network, from multiple sites, as well as via the Internet. Housed within a 7U panel, the FPC 5000 can be installed in a rack, podium, or control console.

Ethernet Control

The Matrix 12800 Series is equipped with an integrated, high performance Web server that provides technical support personnel with the ability to receive service and failure messages through an e-mail-enabled cell phone, PDA, pager, or e-mail account. Utilizing Ethernet control, the help desk can also view embedded Web pages to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the switcher for the following:

AV Resource Management

  • Remotely select input and output ties for audio only, video only, or audio and video
  • Name and select global I/O presets
  • Set audio input and output volume levels
  • Set RGB delay time for glitch-free transitions
  • Upload firmware updates via the Internet

Operating Status and Diagnostics

  • Monitor primary and redundant power supply voltages
  • Monitor operating temperature
  • Recall firmware revision and other data for improved Help Desk support
  • Provides immediate notification via e-mail for loss of input signal, power supply failure, and other critical service information
  • Upload firmware updates


  • Verify active sources by polling inputs for horizontal and vertical sync rate information

SIS™ - Simple Instruction Set Control

SIS simplifies RS-232 by utilizing a limited set of commands that are easy to remember and use. Three factors that make SIS superior for RS-232 remote control are that characters can be generated directly from the keyboard, the same instruction works with many Extron products, and it provides informative responses to each command sent.