One XTP DTP 24 Punch Down Jack

Mini AV Connectivity Module for XTP DTP 24 Shielded Twisted Pair Cable - CAT 6A
Key Features
  • Designed for use with Extron XTP DTP shielded twisted pair cables that are engineered for optimum high-speed signal transmission
The Extron One XTP DTP 24 Punch Down Jack
Version Description Part #
  Black 70-1052-12
  White 70-1052-22

This module is designed for use with Extron XTP DTP 22 and XTP DTP 24 Shielded Twisted Pair Cable as part of cable infrastructure for XTP Systems® and DTP® Systems. See XTP DTP 24 Punch Down Jack for connector details and specifications.

Extron MAAP Mini AV Connectivity Modules feature pass-through AV connectors or active modules on mountable metal plates that fit into select Extron interfaces, MAAP AV connectivity mounting frames and other products that accept MAAP modules.

Type: Installation
Size: Double Space

The Right Connectivity Right Where You Need It

Extron offers a wide selection of passive MAAP modules with audio, video, phone, data, power, and control connectors. Active modules are available for audio buffering, video line driving, twisted pair transmission, control and power output. An assortment of MAAP mounting products are available that let you place the connectivity and control points in the optimum locations whether that is in a wall, table, podium, floor box, or equipment rack.

Modular Connectivity and Control

Since MAAP modules are modular components, they fit together in a variety of combinations, making it easy to provide the exact connectivity needed for each audiovisual installation. MAAP modules can be quickly added or removed, providing the flexibility to meet changing AV system requirements.

Custom Engraving

For an additional charge, MAAP modules can be custom engraved to clearly indicate the function of each connector or button. Click here for more information on custom engraving services.