HDMI Cable Lacing Bracket
Key Features
  • Locks the cable to the HDMI device
  • Works with most HDMI and USB cables and devices
  • Ideal for use with single or stacked connectors
  • Guide posts prevent tie wrap from slipping
  • Recessed lacing grooves secure the tie wrap
  • Included accessory with Extron HDMI powered products
The Extron LockIt
Model Version Description Part #
LockIt HDMI Cable Lacing Bracket; Package of 50 101-020-01

The Extron LockIt® is a cable lacing bracket for securing HDMI cables to the host product's input and output connectors. LockIt reduces the stress on the HDMI connectors and prevents intermittent or complete signal loss due to a loose cable connection. Its compact design allows for easy installation with most HDMI cables and devices, including in space constrained areas where the HDMI connectors are stacked. The LockIt lacing bracket can be used when installing new HDMI cables, or as a retrofit to secure previously installed cables. LockIt comes with tie wraps and is available in packages of 50. 


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