ISM 824 Retired

Modular Integration Scaling MultiSwitcher
Key Features
  • Unique modular matrix switcher that allows for simultaneous video and RGB scaling plus wideband switching in a single, compact enclosure
  • Eight available output board options:
    - Universal RGB and Video scalers - DVI, HD-SDI,
      or Analog RGB output
    - Video scaler
    - Scan converter
    - MTP Twisted Pair
    - Single output wideband
    - Dual output wideband
  • Wideband 8x8 matrix switching
  • Audio output volume adjustment and muting
  • Ethernet monitoring and control
  • RS-232 and RS-422 control port
The Extron ISM 824
Model Version Description Part #
 ISM 824 Modular Scaling MultiSwitcher 60-787-01 Retired

This product has been retired.
Suggested Replacement
DTP CrossPoint 108 4K
DTP CrossPoint 86 4K
DTP CrossPoint 84 4K
DTP CrossPoint 82 4K

The Extron ISM 824 MultiSwitcher is a unique modular matrix switcher that allows for simultaneous video and RGB scaling plus wideband switching in a single, compact enclosure. It combines the powerful signal routing capabilities of an eight input, eight output, wideband matrix switcher with the versatility of four customizable outputs. The ISM 824 can be equipped with any of the eight available output boards for initial project requirements, and then upgraded at any time in the future with additional boards as system needs evolve and expand. It is ideal for applications such as boardrooms, auditoriums, and classrooms that require high-performance signal routing with flexible, on-board signal processing.

As a matrix switcher, the ISM 824 is similar in performance and features to Extron's popular CrossPoint 450 Plus Series. The ISM 824 offers eight inputs that are fully configurable from RGBHV and HDTV to composite video, and two universal, pass-through wideband outputs. The ISM 824 provides exceptional performance in the most demanding, very high resolution computer-video and audio routing systems with features such as ADSP™ - Advanced Digital Sync Processing, DSVP™ - Digital Sync Validation Processing, audio output volume control, and Ethernet control and monitoring.

Expandable and Upgradeable

With its unique, powerful expansion capability, the ISM 824 can be equipped initially with any of the output boards for a specific project, and then upgraded in the future with additional boards as system needs evolve and expand. Updates to the ISM 824 can easily be accomplished in the field without the need for factory servicing or changes to the internal hardware.

Output Expansion Board Options

Eight output expansion boards are available for the ISM 824, with the same advanced video processing technologies employed in Extron scalers, signal processors, scan converters, and twisted pair matrix switchers. The Universal RGB & Video Scaler Output Board features high performance RGB and video scaling, with upconversion and downconversion of high resolution RGB signals, as well as standard definition video signals. The Universal RGB & Video Scaler Board is available in three versions:

  • Analog - outputs RGBHV or component video with selectable rates up to WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution, as well as HDTV 1080p/60.
  • DVI - outputs selectable rates up to 1920x1200 and HDTV 1080p/60.
  • HD-SDI - outputs standard serial digital rates, including 720p 50/60, 1080i 50/60, and 1080p/24.

The Video Scaler Output Board is ideal for applications requiring video-only scaling with RGB pass-through. It scales standard definition composite video and S-video signals to a common, high resolution output rate. It offers selectable output rates from 640x480 to 1400x1050, including HDTV 1080p/60.

The Scan Converter Output Board delivers an optimized, scan-converted video output for compatibility with low resolution video monitors as well as VCRs, DVD recorders, or videoconferencing. 

The MTP Twisted Pair Universal Transmitter Board transmits video, audio, and control signals up to 600 feet (185 meters) on a single CAT 5/5e/6 or Skew-free UTP cable. Also, as a universal transmitter, it supports all input signal types in mixed-signal routing applications.

Finally, Single and Dual Output Wideband Boards are available for additional matrix switcher outputs.

Integrated Matrix Switching and Signal Processing

The ISM 824 provides optimum integration flexibility while reducing system complexity and cost. With both matrix switching and signal processing capabilities in one 3U enclosure, system configuration and set-up can be accomplished from a single location, saving installation cost and time. At the same time, control system design and programming is simplified. Additionally, the ISM 824 is ideal for locations where equipment rack space is at a premium.

Versatile Control Possibilities from a Single Location

All features and functions of the ISM 824, including those of any installed output boards, are fully accessible from the front panel, as well as through the RS-232 and Ethernet ports. The ISM 824 thus offers versatile control functionality for managing all source distribution and signal processing within an AV system.