IR Sensor

Remote IR Receiver for Use with SMD 101 and SMD 202
Key Features
  • Compact sensor with 6' (1.8 m) wire lead provides flexible placement options
  • Works in conjunction with SMD 101 and SMD 202 H.264 Streaming Media Decoders
  • Accepts IR signals from the SMD 101 Remote and SMD 202 Remote
The Extron IR Sensor
Model Version Description Part #
IR Sensor Remote IR Receiver 70-223-01

The Extron IR Sensor with 6 foot (1.8 m) wire lead is a remote IR receiver for use with SMD 101 and SMD 202 H.264 Streaming Media Decoders. It offers flexible placement for IR reception from the optional SMD 101 Remote and SMD 202 Remote handheld IR remote controls.


  SMD 101 H.264 Streaming Media Decoder
  SMD 202 H.264 Streaming Media Player and Decoder


Application Diagram
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