IR Emitter and Shield Kits

IR Emitter Kits for Extron Products With IR Output
Key Features
  • Kit contains IR-emitting diode with a 10' (3 m) wire lead, IR emitter shield, and mounting adhesive
  • Used to remotely control AV equipment via IR
  • Dual emitter can control two devices from one port
The Extron IR Emitter and Shield Kits
Model Version Description Part #
 IR Emitter and Shield Kit IR Emitter Kit 70-283-01
 IR Emitter and Shield - Dual Kit Dual Emitter Kit 70-283-02

The Extron IR Emitter and Shield Kits are optional accessories designed for use with any Extron product that requires an IR emitter for remote control. The kit is designed to be installed directly on the IR control window of the controlled equipment. The kit contains a blinking IR emitter, an IR emitter shield, and mounting adhesive.

The included IR emitter consists of a tiny infrared light-emitting diode housed in a miniature, injection molded shell with a 10-foot (3 m) wire lead. The small, almost black shell offers improved infrared pass-through and the most unobtrusive installation possible.

The dual kit features a "Y" configuration with one IR source terminating in two emitters with shields for use in equipment racks and other applications requiring remote control of two devices.