Four Port Power Control and Current Sensor
Key Features
  • Remote on/off control of individual AC power outlets
  • Intelligent current sensing with alarm thresholds
  • Power up sequencing
  • Outlet grouping
  • Front panel security lockout
  • Outlet status retention during power loss
The Extron IPL T PCS4i
Model Version Description Part #
 IPL T PCS4i 220 VAC IEC 60-544-09

The IPL T PCS4i Four Port Power Control and Current Sensor offers centralized power management for up to four AC outlets. When paired with an IP Link control processor, this power controller can be used with a TouchLink touchpanel. The IPL T PCS4i, features four 220VAC IEC power outlets, with a maximum 10 amp load and integrates Ethernet technology into systems, enabling flexible, centralized, Web-based power and device management.

The IPL T PCS4i allows administrators to remotely control individual outlets and assign outlets to groups for simultaneous control and monitoring of multiple outlets. Outlets can be turned ON or OFF manually or scheduled for automatic operation. For event logging and record keeping, the IPL T PCS4i can be programmed to send out an e-mail notification as each scheduled on/off event is performed.

The IPL T PCS4i also includes intelligent current sensing. Thresholds can be set to define full power and standby states for individual devices and user-configurable alarms can be triggered when a threshold is reached or a change is detected. Users can view the immediate status of all connected devices and determine at a glance whether a device is drawing full current, in a standby state, or not drawing any current at all.

When power is restored following an outage, the IPL T PCS4i will power up devices in a specific sequence rather than all at once to avoid tripping breakers. This prevents power surges at startup. When the IPL T PCS4i restarts, outlets are powered up sequentially with a user-configurable delay between each one. The internal memory of the IPL T PCS4i will ensure that only those devices that were on before the outage will be restarted.