IPL T CR48 Retired

Four Contact Input and Eight Relay Port IP Link Control Processor
Key Features
  • Supports TouchLink® touchpanels
  • Eight normally open relays, 24 VDC, 1A
  • Four contact inputs, TTL only
  • Controls screens, timers, lights, and more
  • Supports Ethernet-controllable devices
  • Integrated high performance Web server
The Extron IPL T CR48
Model Version Description Part #
 IPL T CR48 Four contact inputs, eight relays 60-544-85 Retired

This product has been retired.
Suggested Replacement
IPL Pro CR88

The Extron IPL T CR48 is a compact IP Link® control processor with integrated Web server, four contact input ports, and eight relays. It is designed to integrate IP - Internet Protocol connectivity into AV systems for Web-based remote control of screens, timers, lights, motion sensors, and more. Four contact inputs, TTL only, and eight normally open relays offer the ability to control a wide variety of products in an AV presentation environment.

GlobalViewer® Web-based AV Resource Management Application

Extron GlobalViewer is the free, Web-based, AV resource management and control application designed specifically for IP Link Ethernet network interfaces. With GlobalViewer and the IPL T CR48, users can monitor and control projector lifts, screens, window shades, doors, and lighting systems — all from the convenience of a central monitoring station.