Mobile AV Resource Management App
Key Features
  • Powerful, intuitive interface provides quick navigation to all common GVE control and monitoring functions from your mobile Apple device
  • Allows on-the-go access to GlobalViewer Enterprise from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
  • Familiar GVE Tree navigation
  • Real-time room, controller, and device status
  • Room and device controls
  • Event Alert notifications
The Extron iGVE
Version Release Date New features in this release
2.4.0 Feb. 15, 2018
  • Support for GVE 2.7
  • Improved device status view to show statuses for all device types when paired with GVE 2.7

iGVE is a powerful, convenient App used in conjunction with Extron GVE - GlobalViewer Enterprise, that allows users to effectively manage and control large-scale AV installations from Apple® iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices. This easy-to-use mobile device application provides a powerful feature set comprised of all the most common GVE monitoring, control, and helpdesk functions. While using iGVE, users will feel immediately comfortable with the familiar GVE Tree navigation as well as the other common GVE features, including real time room, controller, and device status; and GVE Room controls and Event Alert notifications. Additionally, Extron iGVE provides a secure, encrypted connection to your GVE software, ensuring the safety and privacy of all communications. Download the latest version of iGVE from the App Store.


  GlobalViewer Enterprise Server-Based AV Resource Management Software
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