Half Rack Shelf System

Half-Rack Width Rack Shelf and Accessories
Key Features
  • Compact, 1U half-rack width size fits narrow lecterns and cabinets
  • Holds one half-rack, two quarter-rack, or four eighth-rack width products
  • Includes mounting holes for 3", 6", and 9.5" deep Extron products
  • Matching blank filler plate also available
  • Available in a gray powder coat finish
The Extron Half Rack Shelf System
Model Version Description Part #
HRP 100 1U Half Rack Blank Panel, gray 60-1251-01
HRB 109 1U Basic Half Rack Shelf, gray 60-1251-10
HRU 109 1U Universal Half Rack Shelf Kit, gray 60-1251-20
HRP 104 AAP 1U Half Rack 4 AAP Mounting Panel, black 60-1251-30 Retired

The Extron Half Rack Shelf System and related accessories is designed for applications utilizing one‑half rack width and smaller products. The compact, 1U half‑rack width size allows the mounting of half-, quarter-, and eighth‑rack products in space-constrained furniture such as lecterns and cabinets that are not wide enough to support the mounting of full width, 19" rack shelves or electronics. The Half‑Rack System is comprised of the HRB 109 Basic Rack Shelf; the HRU 109 Universal Rack Shelf Kit, which includes eighth‑rack and quarter‑rack false faceplates; and the HRP 100 Blank Panel. The Half‑Rack System products are finished in a durable gray powder coat finish to match other Extron products.


  DMP 44 LC 4x4 Digital Matrix Processor
  IPCP 505 IP Link Control Processor
  MVC 121 Plus Three Input Stereo Mixer with DSP
  XPA 1002 Two Channel Low and High Impedance Amplifiers – 100 Watts Per Channel


Application Diagram
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