Hideaway HSA 402

Configurable HSA - Hideaway Surface Access Enclosure with Dual AC Power and Data Connections
Key Features
  • Durable pneumatic movement and latching mechanism
  • Compact size with rectangular bezel
  • Top surface available in a black anodized finish
  • AC power outlets available for US, Europe, and other major world markets
  • Available Universal AC outlet is compatible with a variety of AC plug types*
  • US enclosure is UL/c-UL listed
The Extron Hideaway HSA 402
Model Version Description Part #
HSA 402 US - Black Anodized 60-416-02
HSA 402 EU - Black Anodized 60-699-0D
HSA 402 UNIVERSAL - Black Anodized 60-699-0J
HSA 402 US - Brushed Aluminum 60-416-03 Retired
HSA 402 UK - Black Anodized 60-699-0B Retired
HSA 402 ISRAEL - Black Anodized 60-699-0C Retired
HSA 402 FRANCE - Black Anodized 60-699-0E Retired
HSA 402 AUS - Black Anodized 60-699-0F Retired
HSA 402 INDIA - Black Anodized 60-699-0G Retired
HSA 402 SWISS - Black Anodized 60-699-0H Retired
HSA 402 UK - Brushed Aluminum 60-699-1B Retired
HSA 402 ISRAEL - Brushed Aluminum 60-699-1C Retired
HSA 402 EU - Brushed Aluminum 60-699-1D Retired
HSA 402 FRANCE - Brushed Aluminum 60-699-1E Retired
HSA 402 AUS - Brushed Aluminum 60-699-1F Retired
HSA 402 INDIA - Brushed Aluminum 60-699-1G Retired
HSA 402 SWISS - Brushed Aluminum 60-699-1H Retired
HSA 402 UNIVERSAL - Brushed Aluminum 60-699-1J Retired

The Extron Hideaway® HSA 402 is a tilt-up, architectural solution for inconspicuous computer-video interface connector access and control. The Hideaway HSA 402 enclosure is designed for easy mounting into tables, desks, or other AV furniture. The durable and reliable enclosure is very compact, which keeps installation time and effort at a minimum. Once installed, the HSA 402 fits flush with the tabletop, storing the connectors out of sight. To access the connectors, users press down on the top of the enclosure. Pressing down releases a mechanical latch and the Hideaway HSA 402 slowly pivots into view, presenting the connectors at an ergonomic 49-degree angle to the tabletop.

The HSA 402 offers two AC outlets, and four CAT 6 RJ-45 network/data/phone connectors on its faceplate. In addition, the center of the faceplate includes room for up to four single space Extron AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates. AAPs are available with hundreds of connector combinations to meet the needs of any application.

Additionally, the Hideaway HSA 402 can be optimized with the unique Extron RGB 580xi remote interface. The RGB 580xi is a universal, computer-video interface with audio and ADSP™ Advanced Digital Sync Processing.

The Hideaway HSA 402 includes an RJ-45 connection kit for each front panel RJ-45 jack. Inside the kit, there is one set of icons for labeling, one blank hole filler, and an assortment of colored bezels. This offers the option of labeling and color-coding the RJ-45 connectors as they pertain to their assigned function, or covering the connector when it is not needed. The Hideaway HSA 402 ships standard in a black anodized finish.

Versions are available with discrete AC outlets for the US, Central Europe, and other major world markets. The attached power cord can be removed and replaced with flexible conduit as required by local codes; see the Installation Guide for details. A Universal AC outlet, which accepts a variety of plug types, is also available; for compatibility information, see the Universal AC Outlet Compatibility Guide, available online at www.extron.com/UACguide.

Included Accessories

Single Blank Plate Double Blank Plate RJ Connector Bezel Kit
2 1 1


Note: *For complete compatibility information on all AC plug types, see the Universal AC Outlet Compatibility Guide, available online at www.extron.com/UACguide.

Check local electrical standards before installing.

  RJ-11 / RJ-45 Bezel Kit RJ-11 / RJ-45 Bezels in Assorted Colors for Use with HSA Enclosures, AC Net AAP Modules and Select Extron Products: One each in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, gray, ivory, and blank with no cutout 70-201-01
  Blank Plate - Single Single Space AAP - Black: Blank Plate 70-090-11
  Blank Plate - Double Double Space AAP - Black: Blank Plate 70-090-12
  RGB 580xi Architectural Remote Interface with Audio Interfacing
  MLC 62 RS EU MediaLink Controller for EU Junction Boxes
  MLC 62 RS MK MediaLink Controller for MK Junction Boxes
  UCM 100 Universal Controller Mount for Flex55 and EU Modules
  AVEdge, Cable Cubby & HSA Certified Cables


HSA 400, HSA 402 Series
    NOTE     The Universal AC outlet is fully compatible with Europlug, British, Indian, Danish, and Italian plug types. See the Universal AC outlet guide on the Extron website, www.extron.com, for compatibility details on all plug types.
      Furniture mount Yes
   Min./max. table thickness 0.38" to 1.75" (9.5 mm to 45 mm)
   Enclosure type Metal
   Enclosure dimensions 
    CAUTION     Use the appropriate metal Extron routing template or refer to the surface cutout dimensions here before cutting a hole in the furniture or other surface. Pay special attention to the direction the unit will face; the unit's AAP and connector access side is underlined. Extron is not responsible for miscut mounting holes.
      HSA 400 (US) 
         Top plate (outer rim) 8.61" W x 6.42" D (219 mm W x 163 mm D)
         Top plate (tilt plate) 6.66" W x 4.48" D (169 mm W x 114 mm D)
         Surface cutout 8.14 +0.00/-0.02" W (front) x 5.95 +0.00/-0.02" D
(207 +0.0/-0.5 mm W x 151 +0.0/-0.5 mm D)
         Clamshell (see diagram) A = 5.25" (133 mm)
B = 7.75" (197 mm)
C = 7.75" (197 mm)
      HSA 402 (US) 
         Top plate (outer rim) 10.84" W x 6.42" D (275 mm W x 163 mm D)
         Top plate (tilt plate) 8.89" W x 4.48" D (226 mm W x 114 mm D)
         Surface cutout 10.37 +0.00/-0.02" W (front) x 5.95 +0.00/-0.02" D
(263 +0/-0.5 mm W x 151 +0.0/-0.5 mm D)
         Clamshell (see diagram) A = 5.19" (132 mm)
B = 9.80" (249 mm)
C = 7.75" (197 mm)
      HSA 400 (International) 
         Top plate (outer rim) 10.11" W x 6.42" D (257 mm W x 163 mm D)
         Top plate (tilt plate) 8.16" W x 4.48" D (219 mm W x 114 mm D)
         Surface cutout 9.64 +0.00/-0.02" W (front) x 5.95 +0.00/-0.02" D
(245 +0.0/-0.5 mm W x 151 +0.0/-0.5 mm D)
         Clamshell (see diagram) A = 5.17" (131 mm)
B = 9.17" (233 mm)
C = 7.77" (197 mm)
      HSA 402 (International) 
         Top plate (outer rim) 13.84" W x 6.43" D (352 mm W x 163 mm D)
         Top plate (tilt plate) 11.89" W x 4.48 D (302 mm W x 114 mm D)
         Surface cutout 13.37 +0.00/-0.02" W (front) x 5.95 +0.00/-0.02" D
(340 +0.0/-0.5 mm W x 151 +0.0/-0.5 mm D)
         Clamshell (see diagram) A = 5.19" (132 mm)
B = 12.8" (325 mm)
C = 7.77" (197 mm)
   Product weight 8.4 lbs (3.8 kg)
   Regulatory compliance CE, RoHS, WEEE
      US models CSA C/US, c-UL, UL
   Product warranty 3 years parts and labor
    NOTE     Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Shipping Dimensions and Weights
    Part # Height Width Depth Weight
    60-416-02 12.88" (32.7 cm) 12.25" (31.1 cm) 13.25" (33.7 cm) 10.92 lbs (4.95 kg)
    60-699-0D 12.5" (31.8 cm) 12.25" (31.1 cm) 18.5" (47.0 cm) 11.6 lbs (5.26 kg)
    60-699-0J 12.75" (32.4 cm) 12.5" (31.8 cm) 18.5" (47.0 cm) 12.15 lbs (5.51 kg)


Application Diagram

Panel Drawing

Panel Drawing
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