HD 4K 110 Series Retired

HDMI 4K Signal Regenerators
Key Features
  • Reconditions marginal or poor quality HDMI signals at the source
  • Extends reconditioned 4K video signals up to 25 feet (8 meters) when used with Extron HDMI Pro Series cable
  • Supports computer and video resolutions up to 4K
  • Can be powered by the HDMI source device
  • Reliably passes EDID information and HDCP copy-protected content to the AV system
  • Choice of AAP - Architectural Adapter Plate or Decorator-Style form factors
The Extron HD 4K 110 Series
Model Version Description Part #
 HD 4K 110 AAP HDMI 4K Signal Regenerator - AAP - Black 60-1535-12 Retired
 HD 4K 110 AAP HDMI 4K Signal Regenerator - AAP - White 60-1535-13 Retired
 HD 4K 110 D HDMI 4K Signal Regenerator - Decorator-Style - Blk 60-1552-12 Retired
 HD 4K 110 D HDMI 4K Signal Regenerator - Decorator-Style - Wht 60-1552-13 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron HD 4K 110 Series includes AAP and decorator-style HDMI signal regenerators designed to recondition marginal or poor quality 4K source signals. They equalize the input signal, reduce jitter and skew, and provide output signal pre-emphasis, ensuring a stable output signal for optimal system performance. The HD 4K 110 is HDCP compliant, and supports video signals at resolutions up to 4096x2160 @ 30 Hz. Source signals up to 4K resolution can be extended up to 25 feet (8 meters) when used with Extron HDMI Pro Series cables. For ease of integration, the regenerator can be powered by the source device or the included power supply. The HD 4K 110 Series signal regenerators ensure a reliable signal from an HDMI source connected at a wall, lectern, or floor box.

The HD 4K 110 Series can be used in conjunction with equalizers and other AV products to ensure optimal image quality within professional applications. Rear panel dip switch settings for input equalization and output signal pre-emphasis make the HD 4K 110 an ideal input connection to maintain a strong HDMI signal to a matrix switcher, such as the Extron DTP CrossPoint 84. For AV equipment that does not provide input cable equalization, the signal regenerator can be paired with an Extron UHD4K 101 equalizer at the far end to maintain a high quality HDMI signal from source to destination. A bi‑colored LED indicates power and signal presence at the input for easy monitoring and troubleshooting of HDMI signals.

The signal regenerator ls available in two versions that are ideal for discreet mounting in a variety of architectural applications. The HD 4K 110 AAP – Architectural Adapter Plate fits into any Extron product that accepts a double-space AAP. The HD 4K 110 D includes a decorator-style wallplate. It can mount in a single-gang electrical box or directly into drywall with the included mud ring. The HD 4K 110 AAP and HD 4K 110 D are available in black or white to blend with a wide range of environments.