GlobalViewer Enterprise

Server-Based AV Resource Management Software
Key Features
  • Easily manages all the AV devices and meeting rooms across the campus and enterprise
  • Track and analyze device and room usage, proactively plan maintenance activities, and maintain inventory lists using customizable reports
  • Custom reporting tools
  • Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise Commissioning with every installation ensures a trouble-free system installation and optimal performance
  • Enhanced monitors and schedules based on location and device type
  • Manage individual rooms using the room control terminal directly from the help desk
The Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise
Version Release Date
2.9.7 May 17, 2023
  • Ability to auto re-import GCP/GC3 projects
  • Support for FOX3 Matrix IPCP Pro Q xi Series integrated control processors
  • Ability to filter multiple assets using the Help Desk
Model Version Description Part #
 GlobalViewer Enterprise Server-Based Resource Mngmnt Software 29-096-01
 GlobalViewer Enterprise Commissioning Commissioning Services for GVE 03-003-01
 GlobalViewer Enterprise Update Resource Mngmnt Software Update 29-096-03
 GlobalViewer Enterprise Update Commissioning Commissioning Services for GVE Update 03-003-03

GlobalViewer® Enterprise - GVE software simplifies AV system resource management with intuitive control for hundreds of common AV tasks. Whether you're working with 5 or 5000 rooms, GVE provides a powerful, flexible way to manage, monitor, and control nearly any device over a standard network. Support teams will appreciate the agility and flexibility GVE provides to access usage data, create reports, and control the system from any computer on the network. The Help Desk view offers a look at the entire enterprise in a single window and access to detailed room data and control with just a click of a mouse.

GlobalViewer Enterprise Commissioning

As part of every GVE installation, Extron ensures a trouble-free system installation and optimal performance. Prior to installation, Extron Engineers will evaluate the server and network where GVE will be installed. They will also review and provide guidance for any existing Global Configurator® and Global Scripter® project files. Commissioning includes software installation review, project file upload assistance, final system testing, and training on GVE.

Add Systems via Quick Import or Global Scripter Module

GlobalViewer Enterprise offers options that streamline system setup. Simply import existing control systems using the Global Configurator project files on IP Link®, IP Link Pro control processors, and MediaLink®, MediaLink Plus controllers. For programmed systems, the Global Scripter module provides the code needed to tie the system to GVE. Afterwards, monitoring and controlling systems across the enterprise is as easy as point and click.

Enterprise-Wide Scheduling and Monitoring

GVE simplifies system management across the enterprise through global schedules and conditional monitors. Support teams can schedule system actions and proactively monitor the status of AV equipment based on location, a specific device type, or all devices. These tools help provide significant time and cost savings.

Valuable AV Data Management

GlobalViewer Enterprise includes a SQL-based data repository for logging device and room data. This data is gathered for valuable management reports covering network connections, device usage, and AV equipment inventory. These reports can be exported and help you slice data in effective ways for maintaining inventory lists, tracking and analyzing device and room usage, and proactively planning maintenance activities to reduce system downtime.

A custom REST API provides robust integration with your reporting tools. This enables you to customize how you view GVE data from each room and device by displaying specific alerts, schedules, monitors, logs, or calendar events from within web applications you are already using. The Custom Reporting API also accelerates the GVE data integration process with convenient features for testing API queries and responses directly within GVE, and automatically generating the code to use with your applications.

Easy-to-Navigate Help Desk View

The Help Desk view provides a balance between power and usability. Users can drill down to individual rooms within the location tree that is created using the simplicity of drag-and-drop, and easily manage each system with multiple tools, such as Room Control, Device Control/Status, IP camera, and Calendar. In addition, interactive representations of MediaLink, MediaLink Plus, IP Link, IP Link Pro, TouchLink®, TouchLink Pro, and eBUS® products allow intuitive control and visual confirmation of system status. To streamline operations for support teams, an Event Alert List - EAL within the Help Desk view offers notifications related to configuration import/re-import status, devices, and controllers. These notifications and event logs add an extra level of insight into system monitoring.

Facility Scheduling System Integration

GlobalViewer Enterprise supports seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook® via Microsoft Exchange® and Office 365, or several of the other popular facility scheduling applications, allowing instant access to room availability and the power to schedule meetings, enhance room usage reports, and even override scheduled display shut-offs automatically.

Multiple User Roles and Permissions

In applications where multiple user roles are necessary, GVE simplifies access control through Active Directory integration and custom role creation. GVE supports authentication using Windows credentials and allows the administrator to specify roles which determine the features each user may access. This helps maintain strong security policies while also ensuring that each user can quickly access the features they need. The number and variety of user roles that can be created is nearly unlimited.

GlobalViewer Enterprise System Requirements

Supported Operating System Versions Microsoft® Windows® Server 2019 and 2022 (64 bit)
Supported Database Versions Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and 2019
Web Server Microsoft IIS 8.0 or later
Microsoft .NET 4.7 or later
  1. When GVE and Database reside on same server: Six-core, Intel® Xeon® - 2 GHz
  2. When GVE and Database reside on separate servers: Quad-core, Intel Xeon - 2 GHz per server

System has 10 – 150 Controllers

  1. When GVE and Database reside on same server: 8 GB
  2. When GVE and Database reside on separate servers: 4 GB per server

System has 150 or More Controllers

  1. Database server - 16 GB; Application server - 8 GB
  2. Extron recommends using separate database and application servers.
Disk Space
  1. When GVE and Database reside on same server: 250 GB
  2. When GVE and Database reside on separate servers: GVE - 100 GB; Database - 150 GB

Supported Web Browsers

Microsoft Edge™
Mozilla Firefox®
Google Chrome®