Global Configurator

Free Configuration Software for TouchLink, MediaLink, and IP Link Control Systems
Key Features
  • No programming skills required
  • Configures Extron IP-based control products, including TouchLink®, MediaLink®, and IP Link®
  • TouchLink GUI integration
  • New Supports the Extron Control App
  • Integrated IP Link device management capabilities
  • Allows the creation of GlobalViewer Host hierarchical tree views
The Extron Global Configurator
Version Release Date Size
3.5.2 Mar. 5, 2014
  • Data field for improved GVE re-import
109.6 MB

Note: Extron Global Configurator 3.0 or higher and GUI Configurator are required to configure a TouchLink touchpanel with an IP Link control processor. Global Configurator 3.5 or later and GUI Configurator 1.4 or higher are required to support the Extron Control App.

Global Configurator™ is a simple-to-use, yet comprehensive software application that allows users to configure a wide range of Extron Ethernet-enabled control products. It provides an integrated environment for defining AV control system functionality from an easy-to-use graphical user interface. It's simple enough to use to configure a single room controller, yet powerful enough to facilitate building a Web-based resource management and remote monitoring system for hundreds of AV devices in multiple locations.

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Configuration Tool

Within Global Configurator, intuitive step-by-step menus walk the user through the process of configuring a device's functions. For large installations with Ethernet-enabled systems, Global Configurator guides the user through adding devices to the system, organizing them in a logical fashion, configuring IP and security settings, and defining monitoring and alert parameters.

TouchLink®-Based Control Systems

Global Configurator makes setting up TouchLink-based control systems quick and easy. First, add your control processor and TouchLink touchpanel devices to your Global Configurator project. Next, import your GUI Configurator project from disk or download it directly from the TouchLink touchpanel. From the Front Panel tab in Global Configurator, you'll be able to view each of your TouchLink pages and easily configure the button actions.

Ethernet Device Drivers

The Global Configurator support of Ethernet drivers expands the control capabilities of Extron IPL T S Series, IPL T CR48, IPL 250, and IPCP 505 control processors. Historically, RS-232 and IR have been used to control projectors, displays, and AV source devices. Now, Ethernet device drivers allow control of IP-enabled devices over a network, preserving the other ports for devices without IP control. This capability allows IP Link control processors to support up to six Ethernet devices, in addition to its hardware ports.

Simplified Change Management and Configuration Replication

Configuration changes may be required when a device is replaced or additional functionality is desired. With Global Configurator, modifying a configuration is fast and easy. The program creates and stores unique configuration files, which can be recalled whenever changes are required. Modifying a configuration is as simple as opening the configuration file, making the necessary changes, and uploading the new Web pages and device drivers. This feature is also useful for replicating “cookie cutter” systems with only a few mouse clicks.

Extensive Library of Extron Certified, Ready-to-Use Device Drivers

Extron has developed an extensive library of IR, and serial, and Ethernet device drivers to ensure compatibility with Extron configurable control systems and third-party devices. Extron programmers regularly create and test drivers for additional devices and post them online. The complete Extron driver package, as well as individual driver files, can be downloaded from the Extron Web site. With the driver subscription feature in Global Configurator, it's easier than ever to ensure you always have the latest driver.

Enhanced Monitoring and Scheduling

Global Configurator allows users to easily configure schedules and monitors to observe specific behaviors and plan activities on controlled devices. The user can effortlessly set up multiple actions within one schedule or monitor. For example, when a room is controlled and monitored by an MLC 226IP MediaLink Controller, Global Configurator can be used to create one schedule that will power ON multiple devices with user defined time delay between them. Similarly, a monitor can be created that will perform many tasks when a condition or multiple conditions are satisfied.

Global Configurator allows users to configure any activity on any IP Link device port or on multiple ports. There's no need for multiple schedules to schedule an entire room full of tasks and responses to monitor triggers. For example, when a room is controlled and monitored by an MLC 226 IP MediaLink® Controller, Global Configurator will allow you to schedule a series of devices to turn on at a given time, with a user configurable time delay between startup tasks. It's also possible to set up a monitor that triggers multiple actions, such as sounding an alarm and simultaneously setting a switcher's front panel lockout mode, when a lectern door is opened during a preset time range.

Create an Additional Point of Control for TouchLink

Global Configurator version 3.5 or later enables the Extron Control App, which is an easy-to-use AV control system app that gives users complete access to Extron control systems directly from their iPad. After a quick initial setup, the iPad connects to the desired room, allowing for a seamless, highly-responsive control experience. The app automatically loads the user interfaces present on any Extron control product without a lengthy setup and customization process.The familiar interfaces emulate the TouchLink touchpanel or MediaLink controllers in your room, all button presses are kept in sync between the app and your Extron control devices. Extron Control is available for immediate download from the iTunes App Store.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 100 MB of available hard disk space
  • A network connection with a data transfer rate of 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps recommended

Minimum firmware requirements for compatibility with Global Configurator:

Model Name Minimum Firmware Version Required Firmware Version Recommended
IPCP 505 1.01 1.02 or later
IPI 201,204 1.00 1.00 or later
IPL 250 1.15 1.17 or later
IPL T S1 1.15 1.17 or later
IPL T S2, S4, S6, SF24, SFI244, CR48 1.15 1.17 or later
IPL T PC1/1i 1.12 1.12 or later
IPL T PCS4/4i 1.08 1.12 or later
MLC 104 1.03 1.04 or later
MLC 104 Plus 1.03 1.03 or later
MLC 104 IP 1.03 1.04 or later
MLC 104 IP Plus Series 1.00 1.01 or later
MLC 226 IP Series 1.03 1.08 or later
System 5 IP Series 2.00 2.03 or later
TLP 700TV 1.00 1.05 or later
TLP 700MV 1.00 1.05 or later
TLP 710CV 1.05 1.05 or later
TLP 710MV 1.05 1.05 or later
TLP 710TV 1.05 1.05 or later
TLP 350CV 1.01 1.05 or later
TLP 350MV 1.02 1.05 or later
TLP 1000TV 1.04 1.05 or later
TLP 1000MV 1.04 1.05 or later