FOX Matrix 3200

Modular Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher from 8x8 to 32x32
Key Features
  • I/O sizes from 8x8 to 32x32
  • Compatible with all Extron FOX Series transmitters and receivers
  • SpeedSwitch® Technology provides exceptional switching speed for HDCP-encrypted content
  • Integrates easily into a wide range of 4K environments
  • Multimode and singlemode I/O boards available
  • 3G-SDI I/O board available
The Extron FOX Matrix 3200
Model Version Description Part #
 FOX Matrix 3200 FOX Matrix 3200 Frame 60-1257-01
 FOX I/O 88 MM 8x8 I/O Board - Multimode 70-791-21
 FOX I/O 88 SM 8x8 I/O Board - Singlemode 70-791-22
 FOX I/O 88 HD-SDI 8x8 I/O Board - 3G-SDI 70-792-01
 FOX Matrix Blank Plate Blank Plate - Single I/O Slot 70-651-21
 FOX Matrix 3200 Power Supply Kit Replacement Power Supply Kit 70-710-01
 FOX Matrix 3200 Fan Kit Replacement Fan Kit 70-709-01
 FOX I/O 88 MM 8x8 I/O Board - Multimode, See Note 70-791-01
 FOX I/O 88 SM 8x8 I/O Board - Singlemode, See Note 70-791-02
 Remote Commissioning - Fiber Optics Remote Commissioning for Fiber Optic Systems Call
 Onsite Commissioning - Fiber Optics Onsite Commissioning for Fiber Optic Systems Call
 FOX Matrix 3200 FOX Matrix 3200 Frame Call Retired
 FOX 3G I/O 88 SM P 8x8 I/O Board - Singlemode, Path Comp 70-965-02 Retired

The Extron FOX Matrix 3200 is a high performance, modular fiber optic matrix switcher for complete, end-to-end digital AV signal transmission and routing over fiber optic cable. The matrix switcher is expandable from 8x8 up to 32x32, and is fully compatible with FOX Series transmitters and receivers. Supporting video resolutions up to 4K, it features very high speed, all‑digital switching of DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, 3G‑SDI, RGB, HD component, and standard definition video. Equipped with the integration-friendly features common to Extron matrix switchers, together with hot-swappable I/O boards and fan, real-time system monitoring, and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, the FOX Matrix 3200 delivers highly reliable, enterprise-wide switching of fiber optic AV and control signals for mission-critical environments.

Fiber Matrix Architecture

The FOX Matrix 3200 is a modular design featuring four board slots. Each slot accepts a FOX I/O 88 board having eight ports populated with LC-type fiber optic connectors. Two versions of the board are available. The FOX I/O 88 MM supports multimode fiber at 850 nm, which is typically used within buildings or facilities with moderate-range transmission distances. The FOX I/O 88 SM supports singlemode as well as multimode fiber at 1310 nm. Singlemode fiber offers long-range transmission capability over extreme distances of several kilometers or miles. It is used in very large facilities such as hospitals and stadiums, and for connecting over very long distances between facilities such as university campuses.

The FOX Matrix 3200 can be configured with all or some of the board slots occupied. The I/O boards are hot-swappable and may be added at any time in the field for easy and quick upgradeability or expansion. The matrix switcher also accommodates any combination of singlemode or multimode I/O boards. This can allow, for example, a multimode fiber link input to the matrix switcher from a multimode transmitter, and a singlemode output from the switcher for transmission over extreme distances to a singlemode receiver.

Flexible I/O Configuration

Each fiber optic port comprises two individual fiber links. In the standard I/O configuration for the FOX Matrix 3200, these links are defined as a separate input and a separate output. Therefore, up to 32 single fiber link inputs and 32 single fiber link outputs are possible when configuring and controlling the matrix switcher with the Extron control software.

However, through RS-232 control, each fiber optic connection can also be defined as a “linked” input or output, with the two fiber optic links supporting bidirectional capabilities for a FOX Series product. Any group of linked connections, anywhere on the rear panel can function as inputs or outputs, enabling the creation of a custom I/O configuration. For example, a FOX Matrix 3200, populated with two I/O boards and 16 available linked connections, may be operated as a 12x4 bidirectional switcher. In the standard I/O configuration, these same two boards would support 16x16 switching with single fiber link inputs and outputs. For added flexibility, the FOX Matrix 3200 can function with a combination of linked and single fiber link inputs and outputs.

Streamlining Migration to 4K Video Distribution

Designed with uncompromising quality and proven performance, FOX Matrix Switchers are designed to work with all FOX and FOX II Series products. When used with FOX II 4K Series extenders, Extron FOX Matrix Switchers accept and route 4K video, multi‑channel audio, and control, enabling a 4K video distribution system up to 1000x1000 and larger. This capability enables existing FOX systems to be easily upgraded to 4K resolutions without requiring any cabling, hardware, software, or firmware updates to the matrix, streamlining the migration path to 4K resolutions. Extron FOX Matrix Switchers are ideal for 4K video distribution in a wide variety of applications, including simulation, defense, medical, entertainment, digital cinema, and other environments.

Designed for Secure Systems

The FOX Matrix 3200 uses two methods to ensure sensitive data is properly segregated and protected – Priority Switching and Secure Partitioning. Priority Switching assigns a security level to each input and output. Six security levels are available, with the sixth being the highest level. An output can only be tied to an input at the same security level or lower, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data. For example, an output at security level five can be tied to inputs that are security level five or lower. However, an output at security level one, the lowest level, can only be tied to inputs that are also security level one. Priority Switching is useful in systems with multiple security classification levels.

Secure Partitioning enables the matrix switcher to be divided into smaller sub-switchers for segregating sources and destinations into partitions. Sources can only be routed to destinations within the same partition. Any attempt to tie an input and output in different partitions is prohibited, returning an error code. Up to 12 partitions are available. Secure Partitioning is useful for separating secure and unclassified data.

3G-SDI Signal Switching and Distribution

The FOX I/O 88 HD-SDI board is available as an option for the FOX Matrix 3200, and enables connection to local 3G-SDI-equipped devices. This board offers an 8x8 configuration for switching and distribution of signals up to 2.97 Gbps, including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI. With this board, the FOX Matrix 3200 can be configured as a dedicated 3G-SDI matrix switcher up to 32x32, or for a combination of 3G-SDI and fiber optic matrix switching. The FOX I/O 88 HD-SDI board is compliant with SMPTE 259M, 292M, 424M, and ITU digital video standards. The board is hot-swappable, and each input and output is individually buffered to maximize performance with virtually no crosstalk. To optimize signal transmission to and from the board, input signals are automatically equalized and output signals are reclocked. The FOX Matrix 3200 provides separate bi-level and tri-level references for correct vertical interval switch timing.

The FOX I/O 88 HD-SDI board enables a local BNC connection to the FOX 3G HD-SDI fiber optic extender for 3G-SDI. Incoming signals from the FOX 3G HD-SDI can then be routed to the board's BNC outputs, or through the fiber optic outputs to remote FOX 3G HD-SDI units. Similarly, local BNC inputs can be output on fiber or BNC. In broadcast and production applications, a 3G-SDI-equipped FOX Matrix 3200, together with several FOX 3G HD-SDI units, offers expanded opportunities for system integration. For example, the FOX Matrix 3200 can be used to route signals to and from local editing equipment, while also providing the capability to receive or transmit 3G-SDI signals very long distances to devices in remote locations, such as cameras and production monitors.

The Extron FOX 3G I/O 88 SM P board is available as an option for the FOX Matrix 3200 modular fiber optic matrix switcher, and enables the transmission and distribution of fiber optic 3G-SDI signals, including pathological signals, over singlemode fiber optic cabling. The board offers an 8x8 configuration for switching and distribution of signals up to 2.97 Gbps, including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI. With the board, a FOX Matrix switcher can be configured as a dedicated 3G-SDI matrix switcher, or with a combination of 3G-SDI and fiber optic matrix switching solutions. The FOX 3G I/O 88 SM P board is compliant with SMPTE 259M, 292M, 424M, RP 178 and RP 198 for pathological immunity, and ITU digital video standards.

Familiar, Integrator Friendly Matrix Switcher Features

The front panel offers the QS-FPC™ - QuickSwitch Front Panel Controller with tri-color backlit buttons as a standard feature. Additionally, 64 memory presets are available for saving and recalling commonly used input and output ties. Furthermore, a rooming feature enables the creation of 10 rooms by groups of outputs, each with separate presets.

Self-Monitoring and Hot-Swappable

The FOX Matrix 3200 is designed for optimum performance and reliability in applications requiring continuous operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, such as in government, military, and medical installations. A real-time monitoring system continuously provides self-diagnostics of the I/O boards, fiber links, power supplies, internal fans, and general functions of the switcher. LED indicators on each I/O board provide a quick verification of input signal presence as well as the status of fiber links with the transmitters and receivers. The FOX Matrix 3200 can be configured to trigger an external control system, generate SNMP traps, or send e-mail alerts when an inbound fiber link has been lost.

Each I/O board is hot-swappable so that the matrix switcher can be serviced or reconfigured without interrupting all signal routing by powering down the unit. The FOX Matrix 3200 also features a hot-swappable fan, and dual redundant and hot-swappable power supplies to ensure continuous, uninterrupted power.


The FOX Matrix 3200 offers convenient user control through the standard front panel controller. Remote system access for configuration, operation, and monitoring is available through the front and rear panel RS-232 serial control ports and Ethernet control. The FOX Matrix 3200 is also compatible with the MKP 3000 X-Y Remote Control Panel that provides a convenient user interface to control the matrix switcher from remote locations.