PS Series Desktop Power Supply

12 V & 15 V Replacement Power Supplies Featuring ZipClip®
Key Features
  • Energy-efficient, Level V and VI rated power supplies for low power consumption and reduced operating costs
  • PS 1242 features three 12‑volt DC outputs; all other models offer a single DC output
  • Rack mountable
  • Patent Pending enclosure
  • Patented ZipClip mounting bracket included
  • Mounts securely on a variety of surfaces, including rack rails, tables, lecterns, projector poles, and table legs
The Extron PS Series Desktop Power Supply
Model Version Description Part #
 PS 1205 C 12 V, 0.5 A, Captive Screw Connector 70-1175-01
 PS 1210 P 12 V, 1 A, Connector DC Plug 70-778-01
 PS 1215 C 12 V, 1.5 A, Captive Screw Connector 70-1174-01
 PS 1220 12 V, 2 A, Eighth Rack 70-1259-01
 PS 1242 12 V, 4.2 A, Quarter Rack, 3 Captive Screw Ports 70-1246-01
 PS 1230 12 V, 3 A, Quarter Rack 70-769-01 Retired
 PS 910 C 9 V, 1 A, Captive Screw Connector 70-774-01 Retired
 PS 1210 C 12 V, 1 A, Captive Screw Connector 70-775-01 Retired
 PS 1508 C 15 V, 0.8 A, Captive Screw Connector 70-776-01 Retired
 PS 910 P 9 V, 1 A Connector DC Plug 70-777-01 Retired
 PS 1220 12 V, 2 A, Quarter Rack 70-967-01 Retired

Extron PS Series Desktop Power Supplies offer high reliability, meet Level V or VI standards for energy efficiency, and provide versatile mounting options for easy integration. These energy-efficient Everlast power supplies lower power consumption, reducing operating costs and helping to meet green building requirements.

PS Series Desktop Power Supplies are engineered by Extron, ensuring increased durability and reliability. While typical power supplies last for three years, Extron's PS Series are designed to last for over 114 years of continuous use. The PS 1508 has a demonstrated MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures of more than 1,000,000. The PS 1220 model has a calculated MTBF of over 400,000 hours, and PS 1242 has 280,000 hours to prevent power supply-related failures and disruption to system operation.

PS Series Desktop Power Supplies are available in the most popular voltages used by Extron products: 12 and 15 VDC. With the included ZipClip mounting kit, these power supplies can be quickly and securely mounted to rack rails, tables, and lecterns. They also feature a 1U enclosure with threaded inserts to mount directly onto Extron rack shelves. The unique enclosure design allows direct mounting to projector poles, table legs, and other oddly shaped structures. The PS Series Desktop Power Supplies are available in one-eighth rack width and one-quarter rack width versions, enabling them to be installed in small spaces.

One-Eighth Rack Width

The compact one-eighth rack width by 1U models include an attached 3’ (0.94 m) DC cord terminated with a captive screw connector. They snap into the included patented ZipClip 100 mounting bracket for secure mounting to rack rails, tables, or lecterns. Models include the PS 1215, PS 1220, and PS 1508; while PS 1205 includes the ZipClip 50 mounting bracket.

One-Quarter Rack Width

The one-quarter rack width by 1U PS 1242 power supply has three 2-pole captive screw ports and offers a total of 4.2 amps across all outputs with no per-port current limitations  It snaps into the included, patented ZipClip 200 mounting bracket for secure mounting to rack rails, tables, or lecterns. The PS 1242 features one detached 6-foot DC cable with pre-sliced ends, three orange 2-pole, 3.5 mm captive screw connectors, and a DC plug for convenient DC output creation.

Power Supply Models

Model Power Output Rack Width Size ZipClip Size DC Connector Type MTBF Part #
PS 1205 C 12 V, 0.5 A Eighth-Rack 50 Captive Screw Connector 850,000 70-1175-01
PS 1215 C 12 V, 1.5 A Eighth-Rack 100 Captive Screw Connector 400,000 70-1174-01
PS 1220 12 V, 2 A Eighth-Rack 100 Captive Screw Connector 600,000 70-1259-01
PS 1242 12 V, 4.2 A Quarter-Rack 200 3 Captive Screw Ports 280,000 70-1246-01
PS 1508 C 15 V, 0.8 A Eighth-Rack 100 Captive Screw Connector 1,000,000 70-776-01

Capitive Screw Connector

Captive Screw Ports