EMS Express Mobile Software - Quantum Ultra

Multi-platform Control Application for Videowall Processors
Key Features
  • Compatible with Apple® iOS®, Google® Android™, and Microsoft® Surface tablets
  • Simplifies common operational tasks, such as preset selection, window management, and source switching
  • Supports familiar operational gestures, including drag and drop, swipe, and tap
  • Control videowalls from up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • New Prioritize windows by layer
  • Requires videowall processor with LinkLicense® for EMS‑Quantum Ultra
The Extron EMS Express Mobile Software - Quantum Ultra
Model Version Description Part #
 EMS Express Mobile Software - Quantum Ultra iOS App for Quantum Ultra Control 79-648-01
 EMS Express Mobile Software - Quantum Ultra Android App for Quantum Ultra Control 79-648-02
 EMS Express Mobile Software - Quantum Ultra Windows App for Quantum Ultra Control 79-648-03

EMS Express Mobile Software - Quantum Ultra provides intuitive user control of Quantum Ultra II, Quantum Ultra, and Quantum Ultra Connect videowall processors. It is compatible with Apple® iOS® and Google® Android™ tablets and Microsoft® Surface and Windows 10 PCs. The software combines the freedom of wireless control with an easy to use tablet application operated with familiar finger gestures. These include drag and drop, pinch, zoom, swipe, and tap. It facilitates preset selection, window size and position, and other common tasks and can work in tandem with VCS and a control system. Up to 10 users can control one or more videowalls. Separate User, Designer, and Administrator credentials define operational roles. EMS-Quantum Ultra is ideal for use with systems requiring one or more points of control through a user-friendly interface.

EMS-Quantum Ultra can be used in any application that requires mobile, wireless or wired control of a videowall for operational use. This includes corporate conference rooms, command and control centers, network operations hubs, or other applications that would benefit from intuitive control, either single-point or multi-point. A LinkLicense® upgrade for the Quantum Ultra, LinkLicense for EMS-Quantum Ultra, is required to enable communication between EMS and the processor.

Familiar finger gestures facilitate easy and intuitive control of videowalls. Drag and drop enables quick changes between presets and source selection within windows. Effortlessly resize windows using standard two-finger pinch and stretch actions. To access each videowall in the system, swipe to switch between canvases.

Multi-platform Compatibility

EMS-Quantum Ultra is fully compatible with tablets running iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems, easily adapting to the chosen platform of an organization’s infrastructure.

The software works with the following operating systems:
- iOS 10 or above
- Android 6.0 or above
- Windows 10 or above, including Surface and PCs

In addition to the functionality you would expect from an easy-to-use videowall control application, EMS-Quantum Ultra provides access to a wide variety of features that enhance operation, content presentation, and management.

Separate User, Designer, and Administrator Credentials

Three permission levels define operational roles. Users can recall and switch between presets and temporarily edit presets. Designers and Administrators have the added ability to create and save edited presets.

EMS-Quantum Ultra can be used in a variety of control scenarios. It can act as a single, exclusive point of control for one or more videowalls. As a multi-point control solution, up to 10 devices can operate the videowalls. It can also be a supplemental point of control used in conjunction with Videowall Configuration Software - VCS and a control system.

Streamlined Setup

Initial Quantum Ultra setup is performed using VCS. This includes:
- Establishing system communication
- Creating the screen layout
- Setting output resolutions and refresh rates
- Assigning overlap or bezel compensation, if required
- Configuring sources and EDID
- Creating window presets

Once initial configuration is complete, EMS-Quantum Ultra can run from one or more locations. This allows easy system control from up to 10 devices. The application can be used by itself or in conjunction with VCS and a control system, such as an Extron Pro Series control processor and a TouchLink Pro touchpanel.