eLink 100

Professional Grade Wireless Extender for HDMI
Key Features
  • Reliable, professional-grade wireless extension of HDMI video and multi-channel audio signals up to 100 feet (30 meters)
  • Capable of transmitting through multiple walls and furniture
  • Supports computer video up to 1920x1080, including HDTV 1080p/60
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Ultra-low latency transmission of video and audio signals
  • Professional-grade technology enables simultaneous transmission from one transmitter to as many as four receivers
The Extron eLink 100
Model Version Description Part #
 eLink 100 T US Transmitter - US/Canada version 60-1490-02
 eLink 100 R US Receiver - US/Canada version 60-1490-03
 eLink 100 T EU Transmitter - EU version 60-1490-12
 eLink 100 R EU Receiver - EU version 60-1490-13
 eLink 100 T AUS Transmitter - AUS version 60-1490-22
 eLink 100 R AUS Receiver - AUS version 60-1490-23

The Extron eLink 100 is a professional‑grade wireless transmitter and receiver set for extension of HDMI video and multi‑channel audio up to 100 feet (30 meters). This HDCP‑compliant extender features a robust wireless communication technology to ensure high reliability and real‑time performance with exceptional image quality for resolutions up to 1920x1080, including HDTV 1080p/60. It includes features designed specifically for professional AV systems such as AES‑128 encryption to ensure a secure link and use of the 5 GHz spectrum for transmission through multiple walls. Extron eLink™ technology ensures reliable operation of up to four eLink extender sets, even if other wireless systems are within the same facility. In addition to point‑to‑point designs, one transmitter can support four receivers to create a wireless distribution system.

The eLink 100 Professional Wireless Extender for HDMI is ideal for use in AV applications that benefit from wireless connection between a source and a display device. For example, the eLink 100 can provide signal extension from a media server or Blu‑ray Disc player to a display positioned at the front of a presentation room without having unsightly cables stretched between source and display. In divisible spaces, a wireless connection enables a portable lectern to be moved anywhere within the room regardless of the location of floor boxes. For historic buildings, a wireless connection from the source or equipment room to the display can reduce or eliminate expensive and time‑consuming structural modifications such as the need to core or trench concrete for cable runs. Wireless connections also simplify the setup and teardown in rental and staging applications.

For connection stability within environments with multipath signals, the eLink 100 uses a robust multi‑input and multi‑output - MIMO communication technology that reliably delivers high quality video and audio with real-time performance. MIMO technology provides maximum throughput to enable precise image transmission of high resolution video with ultra‑low latency, which makes the extender suitable for live presentations. Use of the 5 GHz spectrum allows omnidirectional transmission through walls and furniture.

Extron’s eLink technology enables discrete operation in the presence of the facility’s WLAN and other wireless systems as well as around smartphones, tablets, and additional eLink 100 extenders. Automatic Frequency Selection - AFS, including Dynamic Frequency Selection - DFS, actively monitors the RF spectrum to identify and select an available channel, avoiding interference from other devices.

The included professional-grade technologies enable up to four eLink 100 transmitter and receiver sets to operate within the same space and without disrupting other wireless systems. Also, one transmitter can support multiple receivers, creating a virtual wireless distribution system. A single eLink 100 T transmitter can support up to four eLink 100 R receivers, allowing a single source such as a digital signage player to support multiple displays. The eLink 100 is also compatible with a broad range of multi‑channel audio signals, providing reliable operation with HDMI devices, DSP mixers, and professional sound systems. This design flexibility further reduces costs and simplifies the upgrade or installation and setup of a professional AV system.

The eLink 100 wireless extender is backed by Extron's award‑winning service and support. The compact transmitter and receiver enclosures may be concealed or mounted in adjacent areas to maintain the aesthetics of the facility.