EDID Manager 2.0

EDID Management Software
Key Features
  • Free EDID management Windows software utility
  • Troubleshooting aid for addressing EDID compatibility issues
  • Supports HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI Single & Dual link and VGA
  • Open and view EDID files
  • Edit EDID files
  • Modify EDID and view EDID Report updates in a convenient, single page layout
The Extron EDID Manager 2.0
Version Release Date New features in this release Size
2.0.0 Aug. 28, 2018
10.5 MB

Extron EDID Manager® 2.0 is a Windows based software utility that enables users the ability to manage display device capabilities such as supported video rates, color space, chroma sampling, color bit depth, audio capabilities, and overall video format – all from a single convenient software application. The software allows you to open, view, modify, and convert EDID display formats as well as generate PDF status reports, providing critical information about the display device. It can connect and transfer EDID directly to select Extron products, simplifying project start-up and commissioning.

An Extron factory default EDID library is included as a starting template from which users can begin creating custom EDID configurations. User-modified EDID configurations can be accessed from other Extron Software such as PCS and XTP Configurator to connect and transfer custom EDID configuration to Extron products.


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