Captive Screw to Category Cable Adapter
Key Features
  • Provides a 4-pole male captive screw connector to RJ45 jack
  • Compact design with six-inch pigtail for easy installation in small spaces
  • Sold in pairs
The Extron CSC 6
Model Version Description Part #
CSC 6 Adapter Six-Inch Pigtail, Pair 101-029-02

The Extron CSC 6 is a convenient 4-pole male captive screw connector to RJ-45 adapter with a six-inch pigtail. This compact connector is sold in pairs and is ideal for use between an Extron IPCP Pro Series control processor and an eBUS device, as well as between eBUS devices where CATx cable is needed. The CSC 6 can also be used between Extron ACP panels and DMP 128 Plus audio processors.



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