DTP CrossPoint 84

8x4 Scaling Presentation Matrix Switchers with DTP Extension
Key Features
  • All‑in‑one 8x4 4K matrix switcher, scaler, audio DSP, audio power amplifier, and control processor
  • Two DTP inputs and six HDMI inputs
  • Two HDMI outputs and two independently scaled DTP outputs
  • Integrated DTP inputs and outputs support transmission of video, control, and audio up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable
  • Supports 4K signals at all inputs and on both HDMI outputs
  • Available with integrated IPCP Pro 350 control processor
The Extron DTP CrossPoint 84
Model Version Description Part #
 DTP CrossPoint 84 Preamp Output, w/o Amplifier and Control Processor 60-1368-01
 DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP SA 2 x 50 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier 60-1368-12
 DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP SA 2 x 50 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier, LL UI Upgrade 60-1368-12A
 DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP MA 70 100 Watt 70 V Mono Power Amplifier 60-1368-13
 DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP MA 70 100 Watt 70 V Mono Power Amplifier, LL UI Upgrade 60-1368-13A

The Extron DTP CrossPoint® 84 is a 4K, 8x4 matrix switcher with HDMI and DTP® twisted pair inputs and outputs, scaling, comprehensive audio DSP, an integrated audio power amplifier, and a built‑in IPCP Pro 350 control processor. The DTP CrossPoint 84 provides complete system integration in a 2U enclosure, for applications with multiple displays, sound reinforcement, and AV system control. It supports local and remote sources and displays with six HDMI inputs and two DTP inputs, plus two HDMI outputs and two DTP outputs. DTP extension allows connection to DTP endpoints and XTP® matrix switchers. Each DTP output features independent scaling up to 1080p and 2K. Full audio optimization is available with an integrated Extron ProDSP™ audio digital signal processor, which can be linked to an additional Extron DSP for AEC and I/O expansion.

The DTP CrossPoint 84 delivers all of the core functionality of a conventional AV system, in a single 2U enclosure that replaces as many as eleven separate components. In addition to saving substantial space in a rack, the compact size also makes it easy to standardize on a common system design throughout a facility, and to adapt the DTP CrossPoint 84 to many different environments where equipment space may be limited. This fully-featured presentation matrix switcher is highly versatile and is ideal for presentations with content on multiple displays, and for providing a variety of AV system configurations to serve multi-purpose and divisible rooms.

A 4K Matrix Switcher

The DTP CrossPoint 84 is a 4K-capable switcher for integration with computers equipped with compatible graphics cards, 4K media players, 4K cameras, and displays at 4K or UHD native resolution. All HDMI and DTP inputs accept high resolution signals up to 4K. These signals can be passed to both HDMI outputs.

Support Local and Remote Sources and Displays

The DTP CrossPoint 84 includes six HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs. The two DTP twisted pair inputs and two DTP outputs are compatible with a wide variety of DTP 230 and DTP 330 endpoints, as well as DTP-enabled switchers and signal processors to support remote HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI sources and displays. Analog sources can be supported with select DTP 230 and DTP 330 switching transmitters. The DTP inputs can receive signals from remote DTP 230 or DTP 330 transmitters in areas such as a conference table, lectern, or wall for connecting a guest laptop. Each independently scaled DTP output can be used to transmit from a DTP CrossPoint 84 in a rack to a DTP 230 or DTP 330 receiver behind a flat-panel display on a wall, above a ceiling-mounted projector, or any other remote location. DTP 230 and DTP 330 transmitters and receivers are available in compact, low-profile enclosures, plus decorator-style wallplate and floorbox versions.

When the DTP CrossPoint 84 is paired with a DTP 330 transmitter or receiver, HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, or VGA, plus control and analog audio signals can be extended up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a single shielded CATx cable. With a DTP 230 endpoint, signals can be extended up to 230 feet (70 meters).

The DTP twisted pair inputs and outputs include additional convenient, integrator-friendly features designed to help simplify installation. Bidirectional RS-232 and IR signals can be inserted from a control system and transmitted over the single shielded CATx cable together with the video and audio, enabling control of a source or display. Additionally, the DTP CrossPoint 84 can send power to select DTP transmitters and receivers over the same shielded CATx cable, streamlining system design and installation.

Compatible with XTP CrossPoint Matrix Switchers

In addition to supporting DTP endpoints, the DTP CrossPoint 84 can be integrated into an XTP CrossPoint matrix switcher system with digital video and embedded audio, plus bidirectional RS-232 and IR signals extended up to 330 feet. This is ideal for facility-wide AV system applications with a centralized AV signal distribution infrastructure, as well as several presentation spaces with local AV functions such as switching and processing. A DTP CrossPoint 84 in a room can connect into an XTP CrossPoint matrix switcher in a central equipment rack or closet for accessing shared AV resources, or sending a local presentation to several destinations in a facility.

HDBaseT-Compatible Outputs

The DTP outputs can be configured for compatibility with HDBaseT-enabled displays to send digital video and embedded audio, plus bidirectional RS-232 and IR signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable.

Integrated 8x4 Matrix Switcher

The DTP CrossPoint 84 is a fully-featured matrix switcher with many familiar capabilities that are common to Extron matrix switchers, including I/O memory presets and the QS-FPC™ - QuickSwitch Front Panel Controller with tri-color backlit buttons. Matrix switching between the HDMI and DTP inputs and outputs enables a wide range of design possibilities to meet the audio and video requirements of boardrooms, lecture halls, or other applications with multiple displays. Flexible signal routing and reliable digital video switching with the DTP CrossPoint 84 allows support for multiple applications in one installation.

Powerful Integrated Control Processor

The DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP features a built-in Extron IP Link® Pro control processor, with the advanced features, processing power, and breakthrough technologies found in the standalone Extron IPCP Pro 350 control processor. The DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP delivers high-speed processing and abundant control port capacity for complete, customizable control of an entire AV system, including all source devices and displays, plus lighting, window shades, projection screens, occupancy sensing, and more. Select from a full line of Extron TouchLink® Pro touchpanel models, available in a range of screen sizes in tabletop, wall-mount, and Extron Cable Cubby® form factors. Simply connect a TouchLink Pro touchpanel to the built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch to create a complete AV control system.

Extron eBUS® button panels can also be used with the built-in IPCP Pro 350 control processor. The integration-friendly eBUS technology is based on a unique digital bus architecture that allows for easy control system expansion, greater design options, and future upgrades. As with our TouchLink Pro touchpanels, eBUS button panels are designed for use with any Extron IPCP Pro Series control processor, allowing them to be used as a single user interface for a smaller system or multiple button panels and touchpanels may be combined when a more elaborate control system is required.

As with all Extron control systems, the DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP is very intuitive and easy to configure with Global Configurator® software. The latest version of Global Configurator includes powerful, advanced features such as conditional logic, local variables, and macros. The DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP offers the versatility to integrate a wide range of system control applications, from system powering and source switching, to elaborate operations such as videoconferencing management.

Global Configurator Professional adds unprecedented scalability with Controller Groups, a unique feature that allows a DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP to be combined with additional IP Link Pro processors to create a large-scale control system. This is ideal for controlling multiple systems, rooms, or even remote locations around the world. DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP systems throughout a facility, building, campus, or offices worldwide can be monitored and managed using Extron GlobalViewer® Enterprise server-based software. GlobalViewer Enterprise enables powerful enterprise-wide scheduling, monitoring, and helpdesk functions from a central location.

Extron LinkLicense® is an easy, cost-effective way for people to add even more powerful capabilities to Extron products. Purchasing a LinkLicense for User Interfaces upgrade for the DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP will enable a mobile device or computer to serve as the primary control interface for the AV system. This expands AV control options, and promotes BYOD - Bring Your Own Device convenience. LinkLicense is applied per-system, not per-user, and there are no hidden costs.

Built for Easy Source Integration, Reliable Operation, and Quick Switching

The DTP CrossPoint 84 is HDCP compliant and delivers highly reliable digital switching of HDMI signals. To simplify integration of HDMI sources and displays, and to help ensure optimal system performance and dependability, the DTP CrossPoint 84 features three Extron-exclusive technologies: EDID Minder®, Key Minder®, and SpeedSwitch®. EDID Minder manages EDID communication between the display devices and input sources to ensure that the correct video formats are displayed reliably. For HDMI signals with protected content, Key Minder authenticates and maintains continuous HDCP encryption between input and output devices to ensure quick and reliable switching. With SpeedSwitch Technology, the DTP CrossPoint 84 delivers exceptional, virtually instantaneous switching speeds for HDCP-encrypted content.

Two Independent Scalers for DTP Outputs

The DTP CrossPoint 84 provides individual scaling up to 1920x1200 and 2K or 2048x1080 for each DTP output. This enables content from two sources to be shown simultaneously on two remote displays. When connecting a guest device, independent scaling also optimizes the video output for a confidence monitor and a main display, where each may have a different resolution and aspect ratio. The DTP CrossPoint 84 also provides selectable FILL and FOLLOW modes on the DTP outputs to ensure the proper aspect ratio of the output. FILL mode provides full screen output, while the FOLLOW mode preserves the original aspect ratio of the input signal.

Designed for Full Audio System Integration

In addition to video matrix switching and scaling of the DTP outputs, the DTP CrossPoint 84 can serve as the central component for full audio system integration. It includes audio switching and breakaway for all eight video sources, four mic/line inputs that can be matrix mixed into any output, as well as HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding. The DTP CrossPoint 84 also provides highly flexible configuration and processing options for the audio inputs and outputs, and for distributing the audio in a system. Each video input, including the DTP endpoints, can be accompanied by embedded digital audio or separate analog audio.

Audio from the DTP CrossPoint 84 can be output with or without processing, as HDMI embedded audio, two-channel analog audio, S/PDIF digital audio, or amplified with the matrix switcher's integrated mono 70 volt or two-channel stereo power amplifier - MA and SA models. Multi-channel bitstream formats are routed directly to the outputs, without de-embedding or processing. The DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP amplifier-equipped models deliver stereo power amplification with 50 watts rms per channel into 4 ohms and 25 watts rms per channel into 8 ohms, or mono 70 volt amplification with 100 watts rms output. These integrated amplifiers feature an Extron exclusive Class D amplifier design with patented CDRS™ - Class D Ripple Suppression technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifier designs.

ProDSP for Complete Audio System Design and Optimization

All DTP CrossPoint 84 models feature Extron ProDSP, the same full-featured, high performance audio signal processing found in the Extron DMP 128 and DMP 64 digital signal processors. Extron's exclusive ProDSP is engineered from the ground up using a powerful 64-bit floating point DSP engine to provide very wide dynamic range and reduce the potential for clipping. ProDSP also utilizes studio grade 24-bit audio converters with 48 kHz sampling to maintain audio signal transparency. ProDSP is loaded with a comprehensive selection of powerful, easy-to-configure tools to control level, dynamics, filters, delay, ducking, loudness, and feedback suppression.

Truly professional grade DSP allows full audio system design, precise optimization and fine tuning, and proper gain structure. The four mic/line inputs can be matrix mixed into any of the four stereo output buses to create finely tuned audio zones for the corresponding outputs. In addition, these inputs can be routed to any of the eight "virtual" buses to allow inputs to be processed together as a group, before routing into the output buses. If desired, mic/line input signals can be mixed with the signal processing bypassed. The flexible routing and mixing capabilities of the DTP CrossPoint 84 allow system designers to create simple or complex signal management schemes to accommodate a wide variety of system application requirements.

Setup and optimization is easy with the intuitive DSP Configurator™ Software. The flexible on-screen layout offers fast access to all digital audio signal processing tools for the DTP CrossPoint 84, including level control, dynamics, filters, delay, ducking, loudness, feedback suppression, and matrix mixing. Designers can quickly get a snapshot of the audio system, including all processing blocks, AV matrix switching ties, and audio matrix mixing, all at once.

Integrate with Extron Audio Processors for Larger Systems and AEC

An Extron digital audio expansion port is included on all DTP CrossPoint 84 models for interfacing with an Extron DMP 128 Digital Matrix Processor. This allows an 8x16 I/O channel transport between devices, and the DMP 128 provides an additional 12 inputs and eight outputs for microphones, multiple speaker zones, recording, assistive listening, and more. A linked DMP 128 also offers additional capabilities such as automixing, AEC - acoustic echo cancellation with DMP 128 C models, and POTS analog phone interfacing with the DMP 128 C P. Many unique and scalable system designs are possible when linking a DTP CrossPoint 84 to a DMP 128 AT in a Dante™ network. As an example, this can be ideal for supporting a large number of microphones in a city council meeting chamber, or in a lecture hall for distance learning.


The DTP CrossPoint 84 can be controlled via the front panel, Ethernet, USB, or RS-232. The matrix switcher can be configured using Extron's PCS - Product Configuration Software with a user-friendly GUI that is very easy to navigate. This software application allows for expedited setup and commissioning, real-time operation and monitoring, plus the ability to configure several DTP CrossPoint 84 units in the same session.