DSP Configurator Software

DSP Application Software
Key Features
  • Powerful yet user-friendly PC-based software tool for managing audio setup and operations of an Extron DSP product
  • Enables complete setup and configuration of digital audio processing tools
  • Intuitive Graphical User Environment
  • SpeedNav™ keyboard navigation
  • Copy and paste for processing blocks
  • DSP Configurator Presets
The Extron DSP Configurator Software
Version Release Date Size
2.27.0 Nov. 8, 2021 65.0 MB

DSP Configurator™ Software is the user interface for full control and management of an Extron DSP product and all of its audio functions, including mixing, gain, dynamics, filtering, delay, microphone ducking, loudness, and feedback suppression. For AV switchers with integrated DSP capability, including the Extron DTP CrossPoint® presentation matrix switchers, the DSP Configurator Software can also provide control of audio and video routing, including audio breakaway.

Many DSP Products, One Software for Configuration

DSP Configurator is the only DSP software required for most Extron DSP products, whether a dedicated audio mixer or an AV switcher with DSP. Each product offers different processing options based on the DSP engine inside. DSP Configurator tracks each product and allows complete control, so audio system professionals only need to be familiar with one DSP software.

Graphical User Environment

An integral part of the DSP Configurator Software is the Graphical User Environment, which allows for quick and easy visualization of all input and output signal paths inside a single window. Working within this user-friendly environment, an audio system designer or installer can clearly view and adjust all input levels, audio DSP processing parameters, audio and video I/O ties, mixing points, and output levels. For AV switchers with integrated DSP capability, video-specific options are also available, including HDCP status confirmation and video output muting.

Easy Access to All Digital Signal Processing Tools

The DSP Configurator Software provides access to all the DSP tools inside each Extron DSP product to simplify audio setup and optimization. These tools allow for control and management of gain, dynamics, filtering, delay, ducking, and feedback suppression, depending on the specific Extron DSP product.

Selecting any processing block opens a dedicated pop-up window with a range of options and customizable parameters. Multiple windows can be open at the same time. Input and output levels can be monitored at any time by simply opening any of the input or output Gain, Trim, or Volume windows, or the convenient Console View window.

Fixed Yet Flexible DSP Architecture

The DSP Configurator Software features a fixed layout of DSP processing blocks for each input and output signal chain. Each block offers flexible options and customizable parameters. For example, the Filter block contains several selectable filters, each of which can be customized as parametric EQ, low pass, high pass, or bass or treble shelving. Each processing block can be selectively bypassed.

Emulate and Live Modes

The DSP Configurator Software features an Emulate mode, which provides complete audio system design while working offline on a PC. When connected to an Extron DSP product, Live mode enables real-time control of all settings, file updates, and archiving, plus active metering of all input and output channels. In Live mode, integrators can “push” all or part of a configuration to the DSP product from the PC, while preserving the existing file. Emulate and Live modes give audio system designers the flexibility to create an entire project from their PC in advance of installation, and then, once they are on-site, use the same software to provide accurate system setup and final optimization.


One of the challenges of on-site sound system optimization is the lack of sufficient workspace for a PC and mouse. Integrators or sound technicians often have to work with a laptop balanced on their lap, while trying to use the touchpad to navigate through windows and menus of the GUI for the audio DSP software. Working in this environment can be time-consuming and even frustrating.

SpeedNav™ simplifies this task by allowing the use of only the keyboard to access the GUI through directional keys and shortcuts. It is designed with sound technicians and sound system designers in mind. With SpeedNav, users will experience faster, easier setup and optimization while working in the field with laptop PCs to configure sound systems and refine audio DSP settings.

Minimum Requirements

  • Intel® Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
  • Microsoft® Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (updated after 2.19.0 release)
  • 2 GB or more recommended
  • Network connection, USB, or Serial port for device communication
  • 65 MB disk space
  • 1024x768 screen resolution,1920x1080 recommended