DP Series

DisplayPort Adapter Cables
Key Features
  • Certified for use with AVEdge, Cable Cubby®, and HSA surface access enclosures
  • Provides connectivity between dual-mode DisplayPort enabled sources and single-link DVI or VGA displays
  • Complies with VESA Interoperability Guideline
  • Passes EDID information from display to the source
The Extron DP Series
Model Version Description Part #
DP-DVID/6 DP to DVI-D SL, Active, 6' (1.8 m) 26-681-06
DP-VGA/6 DP to VGA, Active, 6' (1.8 m) 26-682-06
DP-HDMIF/6 DP to HDMI F, Active, 6' (1.8 m) 26-680-06 Retired

The Extron DP Series of active, one-way DisplayPort adapter cables allow transmission of digital signals from a dual-mode DisplayPort enabled source. Built-in active circuitry converts DisplayPort into single-link DVI or VGA signals, depending on the model in use. EDID information is passed through between source and display. DP Series adapter cables are ideal for integrating DisplayPort source devices into new or existing AV systems.


Note: DP-HDMIF/6 has been retired. The suggested replacement product is DPM-HDF/6 4K PLUS.

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DisplayPort Adapter Cables
Performance/electrical — cable
   Standards DisplayPort 1.1, HDMI, DVI, VGA
   Data rates 
      HDMI/DVI Up to 2.5 Gbps per lane
      VGA Up to 1.62/2.7 Gbps per lane (up to two lanes)
   Voltage 40 V
   Pair impedance 100 ohms ±10 ohms
   Connector type 1 male latching DisplayPort to 1 female HDMI, 1 male DVI, and 1 male VGA
   Contacts Gold plated
   Connector dimensions 
      DisplayPort For DisplayPort to DVI and DisplayPort to HDMI cables:
2.09" L x 0.78" W x 0.43" H
(53.1 mm L x 19.8 mm W x 10.9 mm H)

For DisplayPort to VGA cables:
1.71" L x 0.78" W x 0.43" H
(43.5 mm L x 19.8 mm W x 10.9 mm H)
      DVI 1.86" L x 1.52" W x 0.63" H
(47.3 mm L x 38.7 mm W x 16.1 mm H)
      VGA 2.82" L x 1.33" W x 0.64" H
(71.6 mm L x 33.8 mm W x 16.3 mm H)
      HDMI 1.56" L x 0.87" W x 0.44" H
(39.7 mm L x 22.1 mm W x 11.1 mm H)
General — physical characteristics
      Conductor Tinned copper
      Drain Tinned copper
      Shielding Tinned copper
      Jacket PVC
   Conductor gauge 32 AWG
   Drain gauge 28 AWG
      DisplayPort to DVI 
         Cable outer diameter 0.29" (7.3 mm)
         Bend radius 1.06" (27.0 mm)
      DisplayPort to VGA 
         Cable outer diameter 0.26" (6.5 mm)
         Bend radius 0.95" (24.1 mm)
      DisplayPort to HDMI 
         Cable outer diameter 0.26" (6.5 mm)
         Bend radius 0.95" (24.1 mm)
   Regulatory compliance 
      Safety UL
   Temperature rating Minimum: -25° C
Maximum: +85° C
   Product warranty Limited Lifetime Performance
    NOTE     Dimensions given above exclude the cable length.
    NOTE     Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Shipping Dimensions and Weights
    Part # Height Width Depth Weight
    26-681-06 0.75" (1.9 cm) 6.0" (15.2 cm) 7.63" (19.4 cm) 0.45 lbs (0.2 kg)
    26-682-06 0.75" (1.9 cm) 6.0" (15.2 cm) 7.63" (19.4 cm) 0.12 lbs (0.05 kg)
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