DisplayPort Male to VGA Female Active Adapter - 6" Pigtail
Key Features
  • Provides connectivity between dual-mode DisplayPort equipped sources and VGA displays
  • Passes EDID information from VGA display to the source
  • Latching DisplayPort connector
  • Supports signals up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz and 1080p/60
  • Color depth to 24 bits - 8 bits per color
  • Complies with VESA Interoperability Guideline
The Extron DPM-VGAF
Model Version Description Part #
DPM-VGAF DisplayPort M-VGAF Active Adapter 26-664-01

The Extron DPM-VGAF is an active, one-way adapter that enables transmission of digital signals from dual-mode DisplayPort sources to VGA displays. It supports the DisplayPort Version 1.1a specification and resolutions to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz and 1080/p/60. For ease of installation, the DPM-VGAF features an attached, 6" (15 cm) pigtail and is ideal for use when integrating DisplayPort-equipped laptop computers and other devices with legacy, high resolution analog projectors or flat-panel displays.


Note: This is a powered adapter and must be used directly at the DisplayPort source. It is not intended to be used at a DisplayPort video display. Do not use additional cables or adapters between the source output and the male end of the DisplayPort adapter.

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