CTU 300

Four-in-One Coax Crimp Termination Tool
Key Features
  • Four-in-one tool crimps all Extron BNC crimp connectors
  • Unique hexagon-shaped, double-sided crimp termination
  • Exclusive FastBiteā„¢ design
  • Quick-view color-coding
  • Self-aligning die
  • Rugged, lightweight ratchet-controlled frame
The Extron CTU 300
Model Version Description Part #
CTU 300 Universal Crimp Tool 100-241-02
CTU Crimp Die Replacement Die for CTU 200 and 300 100-470-01 Retired

The Extron CTU 300 is the single tool necessary to terminate all Extron coaxial cables and other compatible cables using Extron's high-quality, reliable BNC crimp connectors. Extron's exclusive precision-machined, self-aligning FastBite die - patent pending - ensures accurate, consistent crimp connections. The crimp termination performed by the CTU 300 passes stringent pull-testing for durable, long-term, secure crimps that will survive the most rigorous environments. The unique four-in-one die has quick-view color-coded markings for ease-of-use, and the lightweight ratchet-controlled frame enables minimal, one-hand effort for complete crimp cycles.


  CTU RJ-45 Die Universal RJ-45 Replacement Crimp Die


Application Diagram

Panel Drawing

Panel Drawing
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