CrossPoint Ultra 84 Retired

8x4 Ultra-Wideband Matrix Switchers for RGB and Stereo Audio
Key Features
  • Ultra-wideband performance - 525 MHz to 600 MHz (-3 dB), depending on model
  • Ultra-flat frequency response - ±0.5 dB from 0 to 130 MHz
  • Ultra-low crosstalk – (-56) dB or better at 100 MHz
  • Ultra-low power consumption – Less than 40 watts at full load
  • Ultra-flexible control
The Extron CrossPoint Ultra 84
Model Version Description Part #
 CrossPoint Ultra 84 HVA 8x4 RGBHV & Stereo Audio 60-337-21 Retired
 CrossPoint Ultra 84 HV 8x4 RGBHV 60-337-22 Retired

This product has been retired.

The CrossPoint Ultra 84 is an 8x4 ultra-wideband matrix switcher designed to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding, very high resolution computer-video and stereo audio routing systems. CrossPoint® Ultra sets a new standard for engineering excellence in all critical measures of matrix switcher performance, including bandwidth, frequency response, efficiency, reliability, power consumption, and control. CrossPoint Ultra is ideal for complex AV routing applications that require efficient, reliable operation at the highest computer-video resolutions without signal loss or degradation.

Ultra-wideband performance
High demand applications require high performance signal routing. CrossPoint Ultra 84 matrix switchers provide a minimum of 600 MHz (-3dB) RGB bandwidth, fully loaded.

CrossPoint Ultra combines this exceptional, ultra-wideband performance with Ultra-flat frequency response of ±0.5 dB or less, through the critical portion of the bandwidth curve, from 0 to 130 MHz. This means that the matrix switcher is virtually transparent to the AV signal path supporting the most demanding, high resolution system designs with multiple levels of signal processing.

Ultra-low crosstalk
Crosstalk interference occurs when electrical signals "leak" from one component or circuit board signal line to another due to improper shielding or isolation. CrossPoint Ultra matrix switchers are engineered to achieve superb channel-to-channel isolation of -56 dB or better at 100 MHz. This minimizes signal leakage across video channels, and eliminates signal bleed-through that can compromise critical imaging or high-security presentation environments.

Ultra-efficient power supply
Temperature has the highest impact on component life. Efficient enclosure design and, in particular, the power supply, can drastically cut down on heat generation and power consumption. CrossPoint Ultra matrix switchers use a single, highly-efficient, cool-running power supply, allowing the utilization of a fan-free enclosure. Whether you're considering thermal management in the equipment rack, or silent operation in a noise-sensitive environment, CrossPoint Ultra makes an excellent choice.

Ultra-low power consumption
CrossPoint Ultra is engineered for use in high-demand, rack-mount applications with other AV signal processing devices. Through efficiency of design and the careful selection of high-quality, long-life electronic components, CrossPoint Ultra draws less than 40 watts at 120 VAC under full load, less than a standard desk lamp. Low power consumption equates to less heat generation which translates to a lower cost of ownership and an increased product lifespan.

Ultra-reliable architecture
CrossPoint Ultra represents Extron's 5th generation of CrossPoint design and technological development, resulting in new design architecture that yields higher performance, utilizes fewer boards and cables, and eliminates many of the most common failure points. The result is optimum reliability around the clock, year in and year out.

Ultra-flexible control
With so many makes and models of control systems available, you need a matrix switcher that can work with any or all of them, and one that does not lock your system design into a single closed, proprietary control protocol. That's why all CrossPoint Ultra models come standard with front panel, RS-232/422 serial control, and Ethernet control. The QuickSwitch™ front panel controller is always available, whether it's for convenient system testing or day-to-day operation without a control system.

The RS-232/422 serial control port utilizes Extron's popular SIS™ Simple Instruction Set command protocol, allowing easy integration with virtually any control system. The standard Ethernet port enables CrossPoint Ultra to be controlled, monitored, and accessed from most IP-enabled control systems, or from any authorized computer connected to a Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, or the Internet.