CLK 100 Retired

12/24 Hour LCD Clock with Thermometer
Key Features
  • High contrast, easy-to-read LCD display with 0.8 inch (20 mm) character readout
  • 12/24 hour time and date display
  • Built-in thermometer with °F/°C temperature display
  • Runs on a single AAA battery - included
The Extron CLK 100
Model Version Description Part #
CLK 100 LCD Clock with Thermometer 60-791-01 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron CLK 100 is a versatile, battery-operated LCD clock with an integrated thermometer, ideal for monitoring the ambient temperature within an equipment rack or room. The CLK 100 displays the date and time of day in either 12 hour or 24 hour format, and temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade. The CLK 100 is housed in a 1U, quarter rack width metal enclosure for easy rack mounting or equally at home in desktop or shelf top applications.



CLK 100
Clock and thermometer
   Clock accuracy <±30 seconds per month
   Temperature display range +16 to +122 °F (-9 to +50 °C)
   Temperature accuracy ±3 °F (±2 °C)
   Temperature sampling interval 1 minute
   Temperature sampling duration 0.1 to 0.2 s
   Power Supplied by internal batteries
      Number/type 1 AAA battery (1.2 to 1.7 V)
      Operating life 1 year
   Standby current 20 µA
   Temperature sampling current 300 µA
   Temperature/humidity Storage: +14 to +140 °F (-10 to +60 °C) / 10% to 90%, noncondensing
Operating: +32 to +122 °F (0 to +50 °C) / 10% to 90%, noncondensing
   Cooling Convection, no vents
      Rack mount Yes, with optional 1U rack shelf
   Enclosure type Metal
   Enclosure dimensions 1.7" H x 4.3" W x 3.0" D (1U high, quarter rack wide)
(4.2 cm H x 11.0 cm W x 7.6 cm D)
   Product weight 0.3 lb (0.1 kg)
   Shipping weight 1 lb (1 kg)
   Vibration ISTA 1A in carton (International Safe Transit Association)
   Regulatory compliance 
      Safety CE
      EMI/EMC CE
   Warranty 3 years parts and labor
    NOTE     All nominal levels are at ±10%.
    NOTE     Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Panel Drawing

Panel Drawing
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