Ceiling Mount Kit Retired

C-Ring and V-Rail Kits
Key Features
  • Provides structural support for suspended T-bar installations
  • Prevents damage to acoustical ceiling tiles
  • Ceiling mount kits include two C-rings and four V-rails
  • Easy to install
The Extron Ceiling Mount Kit
Model Version Description Part #
 Ceiling Mount Kit SI 26X Ceiling Mount Kit 70-533-01 Retired
 Ceiling Mount Kit SF 26X Ceiling Mount Kit 70-991-01 Retired
 Ceiling Mount Kit CS 26T Plus & CS 3T Ceiling Mount Kit, Pair 70-996-01 Retired

This product has been retired.
Suggested Replacement
SMK C TB Series

The Extron Ceiling Mount Kit is an optional installation accessory for the Extron SF 26X and CS 26T Plus ceiling speakers. It is used to install them into a suspended T-bar ceiling, providing additional support to prevent damage to the acoustical ceiling tiles.

The Ceiling Mount Kit consists of two C-rings and four V-rails. One kit is needed for each pair of speakers. The ends of the V-rails fit over the T-bars. The C-ring rests on the V-rails, and is situated just above the opening in the ceiling tile. The speaker is then installed with its locking arms resting on the C-ring.