GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite

Network Managed Bells, PA, Intercom, and Visual Messaging
Key Features
  • Manage bells, public address announcements, intercom communications, and visual messaging over your existing network
  • Intuitive graphical user interface accessible from a web browser
  • Flexible bell scheduling
  • Live and pre-recorded public address announcements
  • Integrated intercom system
  • Instant Alert assistance notification
The Extron GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite
Version Release Date Sep. 11, 2023
  • Added ability to externally trigger the District Presets using an Extron TouchLink Pro Touchpanel
  • Added ability to search the audio content from the Content Manager tab
  • Automatically displays the pagination for 50 or more audio content files
  • Will auto-collapse the Audio Content List when expanding a new one
  • Various feature improvements and fixes
Model Version Description Part #
 GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite Bells, PA, Intercom Software 79-656-01
 LinkLicense PVS 407D Audio Decoding 79-2558-01
 CC 100C Campus Communication Suite Codec 60-1445-01
 CC 101P Campus Communication Suite Intercom Panel 60-1444-03

GlobalViewer® Campus Communication Suite is a complete solution for unifying campus audio systems and visual messaging under an easy-to-use application. The suite leverages the power of your existing network to provide bells, public address announcements, intercom communications, and visual messaging throughout campus. The web-based user interface allows office personnel to easily manage bell schedules, broadcast announcements, and visual messaging to various zones, and have two-way conversations with classrooms.

​​Flexible Bell Scheduling

GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite allows bell schedules to be created and maintained either locally or at the district level. You can quickly and easily set recurring bell schedules for each school day. For special events, such as a rally or holiday closure, bell schedules can be modified or disabled.

Convenient Access to Public Address Announcements

GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite supports both live public address messages and pre-recorded announcements. Zone capability allows announcements to be routed to all locations on campus, a particular area, or a specific room. Routine announcements may be pre-recorded and played back at a designated time, or immediately at the push of a button.

Simplified Control

Managing the campus audio system is easy. GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite software runs in a standard web browser from any computer on the network. Using the intuitive graphical user interface, office personnel can administer bell schedules, make announcements, or conduct two-way communication with classrooms.

Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Support

Support for Microsoft Active Directory and the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, LDAP, helps maintain strong security policies by providing network administrators with simplified tools for managing user access and user privileges.

Cisco Call Manager Integration

Supports campus-wide live announcements using Cisco Call Manager via Session Initiation Protocol, SIP.

Integrated Intercom System

The intercom capability of GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite provides two-way voice communication over the network. Flexible setup options allow users to be connected with the office or help desk.

Instant Alert Notifications

The Instant Alert feature of our VoiceLift® Pro Microphone system provides instructors with a discreet way to request assistance. When activated, a time and location Instant Alert notification appears at the help desk, where the operator can take appropriate actions, such as notifying authorities to respond or monitoring the area via cameras if so equipped.

Direct Playback of Bells and Announcements

LinkLicense for PVS 407D Audio Decoding and LinkLicense for Audio Streaming enables a PVS switcher or PVCA 452 Controller Amplifier to directly decode and play bells and announcement audio through the Flat Field speakers of your classroom AV system. This upgrade is the ideal alternative to the CC 100C codec for applications that do not require two-way intercom communications.

Visual Messaging and Extron Control System Triggering

Twelve available presets provide automated room control for visual messaging or digital signage, in conjunction with audio announcements.

GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite Codec

The CC 100C is a network audio encoder and decoder which allows bells and announcements to be broadcast to classrooms. It also provides a two-way communication path between the teacher and the office or help desk operator. This works in conjunction with the CC 101P intercom panel.