Cable Pass-Through AAP

Single Space AAP Modules for Cable Organization
Key Features
  • Compatible anywhere an AAP™ module can be installed
  • Allows pull-through cable connections
  • Available in: Right, right/middle, left/middle, and left versions
  • Three different hole sizes
The Extron Cable Pass-Through AAP
Version Description Part #
  Black, Left 70-270-01
  Black, Left/Middle 70-269-01
  Black, Right/Middle 70-268-01
  Black, Right 70-267-01

Extron Cable Pass-Through AAP™ Modules are designed for use with the Cable Cubby Series of Furniture Mountable Enclosures, as well as anywhere an Extron AAP module can be installed. Metal, mountable cable pass-through AAP modules allow pull-through cable connection and keep audio, video, phone, data, or control cables organized and readily accessible within the enclosures. Each Cable Pass-Through AAP module includes plastic grommets to maximize cable protection. They are available in right, right/middle, left/middle, and left versions, and offer three different hole sizes.

  1. Metal hole diameter: 0.625" (15.9 mm), inner diameter of plastic grommet: 0.453" (11.5 mm)
  2. Metal hole diameter: 0.562" (14.3 mm), inner diameter of plastic grommet: 0.390" (9.9 mm)
  3. Metal hole diameter: 0.5" (12.7 mm), inner diameter of plastic grommet: 0.312" (7.9 mm)